The devil Went down to Georgia is a timeless nation music standard with some of the ideal fiddle playing in a country bluegrass tune . . .

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The adversary Went under to Georgia is a song written and performed through the Charlie Daniels Band and released on their 1979 album Million Mile Reflections. This country classic song speak the story the a young male named Johnny, in a variant on the classic address the Devil. This tune was the band’s best hit, getting to number 3 on the Billboard warm 100 and also #1 on the Billboard Hot country Songs chart, The original version that the tune spent fourteen mainly on the Hot country Singles charts in 1979, peaking in ~ number 1 and also holding the position for one week beginning August 25, 1979.The track is a bluegrass tune about the Devil’s failure to get a young man’s soul through a fiddle-playing contest. The song starts as the evil one arrives in Georgia, reportedly “way behind” on thefts souls. He come upon a young male named Johnny that is playing a fiddle.

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The end of desperation, the Devil, wagers a violin of gold against Johnny’s heart to view who is the better fiddler. Although Johnny believes acquisition the Devil’s bet could be a sin, the accepts, confidently boasting the “I’m the best that’s ever before been.”

Watch the music video clip to check out Johnny beat out the devil and see the written lyrics below.

The evil one Went down to Georgia Music Video

The adversary Went under to Georgia Lyrics

The evil one went down to Georgia, he to be lookin’ because that a soul to stealHe was in a bind ’cause he was way behindAnd he was willin’ to make a dealWhen he came across this young guy sawin’ ~ above a fiddle and also playin’ the hotAnd the adversary jumped up on a hickory stumpAnd said, “boy, permit me tell you what”“I guess you didn’t know it but I’m a fiddle player tooAnd if you’d care to take it a dare, I’ll make a bet v youNow girlfriend play a pretty an excellent fiddle, boyBut provide the adversary his dueI’ll bet a violin of gold against your soul‘Cause i think I’m far better than you”The young said, “my name’s Johnny and it could be a sinBut I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret‘Cause I’m the best there’s ever been”Johnny, rosin up her bow and play your fiddle hard‘Cause Hell’s broke loosened in Georgia, and also the adversary deals the cardsAnd if girlfriend win, you obtain this shiny violin made that goldBut if girlfriend lose, the devil gets her soulThe adversary opened increase his case and also he said, “I’ll begin this show”And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bowAnd he pulled the bow across the stringsAnd the made a angry hissThen a tape of demons joined inand it sound something choose thisWhen the devil finished, Johnny said, “well, you’re pretty good, ol’ sonBut sit down in the chair best thereAnd permit me present you exactly how it’s done”“Fire on the Mountain” run boys, runThe devil’s in the home of the increasing SunChicken in a bread pan pickin’ out doughGranny, does her dog bite? No, child, noThe adversary bowed his head since he knew the he’d been beatAnd that laid that gold fiddle top top the ground at Johnny’s feetJohnny said, “Devil, just come on ago if you ever wanna shot againI done told you when you son of a bitch, I’m the ideal that’s ever been”He play “Fire top top the Mountain” operation boys, runThe devil’s in the residence of the climbing SunThe chicken in a bread pan pickin’ the end doughGranny, will certainly your dog bite? No child, no

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