my So-Called Life actors & Character guide My So-Called Life has actually a large cult following, despite airing for just one season in the mid-1990s. This is a overview to that cast and characters.

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My So-Called Life cast
here’s a quick guide come the actors of My So-Called Life and also the personalities they played. Produced by Winnie Holzman (co-writer of music Wicked), ABC series My So-Called Life was a teen drama taken into consideration groundbreaking and ahead that its time once it aired in the mid-1990s. Set in suburban Pittsburgh, the present followed the trials and also tribulations the a teenage girl and her circle of friends and also garnered critical acclaim for its realistic handling of worries like homophobia, problem abuse and also school violence.

Although My So-Called Life aired for just one season before it to be cancelled the show has because gained a cult complying with thanks to consistent reruns that lured in a whole new generation the viewers. The teenager drama additionally helped kickstart the careers the future stars favor Oscar winner Jared Leto and also Homeland actress Claire Danes, that won her an initial Golden globe for she performance together My So-Called Life protagonist.

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Alongside Danes and also Leto, this is a who’s who overview to My So-Called Life’s cast and their characters.

Claire to dance – Angela Chase

Claire danes was just 13 once she started playing My So-Called Life’s protagonist Angela Chase. Angela is a 15-year-old sophomore in ~ the fictitious Liberty High college who – in the middle of a teenage rebellion – dyes she hair red and ditches her childhood ideal friend because that a cooler crowd.

A. J. Langer – Rayanne Graff

While free-spirited and also rebellious, Angela’s new best girlfriend Rayanne Graff is a troubled teenager with alcohol and also drug abuse issues. She’s played through A. J. Langer who went on to play Erica Warner in Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice.

Wilson Cruz – Enrique “Ricky” Vasquez

Wilson Cruz, who at this time plays Dr. Hugh Culber on Star Trek: Discovery, take it the duty of Angela’s other brand-new best pal Enrique “Ricky” Vasquez. Openly gay, Ricky lived through his abusive and homophobic uncle till a teacher took him in.

Devon Odessa – Sharon Cherski

Played through Devon Odessa, Sharon Cherski to be Angela’s childhood best friend – one archetypal “good girl” the was involved in a ton of high school activities and dated football jock Kyle Vinnovich (Johnny Green).

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Devon Gummersall – Brian Krakow

Socially awkward, straight A college student Brian Krakow has actually known Angela since childhood and also has one unrequited to like on My So-Called Life’s protagonist. He is played by Devon Gummersall who recently played Jacob Barnes ~ above TNT action-drama The critical Ship.

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Jared Leto – Jordan Catalano

Jared Leto’s role as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life was one of his earliest acting gigs. A high college junior with a bad boy image and undiagnosed dyslexia, Jordan was the thing of Angela’s affection on the show.