Gervonta "Tank" Davis maintains unblemished record 24-0, 23 KO’s and now i do not care the WBA civilization Super Featherweight and also WBA human being Lightweight Champion through a sixth-round KO victory over Leo Santa Cruz in the headlining attraction.

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Davis vs Santa Cruz round by ring Fight Summary. Rounds are presented numerically as columns. Each row will screen one of the following: W for win, L for loss, KO because that knockout, or TKO for technological knock out. An empty column means that data is no available. Fighter surname 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Davis Santa Cruz
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Davis it is intended chilling uppercut. | photo courtesy the Showtime

SAN ANTONIO–Gervonta “Tank” Davis yielded a Knockout that the Year candidate end four-division human being champion Leo Santa Cruz in the most far-ranging fight of his career, retaining his WBA Lightweight title and picking up the WBA supervisor Featherweight title Saturday night on SHOWTIME PPV®at the Alamodome in san Antonio in an occasion presented by Premier Boxing Champions. It was the an initial major boxing occasion with fans in attendance due to the fact that COVID-19 compelled a halt come U.S. Sports in March through an announced crowd of 9,024.

It to be both fighters’ pay-per-view main occasion debut, and also Davis (24-0, 23 KOs) and also Santa Cruz (37-2-1, 19 KOs) delivered an all-action war that had the fans on their feet from begin to finish. The fight, i m sorry was disputed at 130 pounds, observed both fighters was standing in the pocket and press the action. It was in the 6th round when the defining moment of the night occurred, together Davis found an opened to soil his trademark left uppercut, a knockout shoot which Santa Cruz never saw coming. Davis showed that he is just one of the most an effective punchers in the sport, stunning the crowd.

The power and also body strike of the 25-year-old Davis was the difference as he landing 55 percent that his strength punches come 29 percent because that Santa Cruz, that was having actually his best round the the struggle in the 6th round prior to the specifying punch. The stronger Davis lured the 32-year-old Santa Cruz right into a firefight as 34 the Davis’ 84 landing punches were human body shots.

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Davis vs. Santa Cruz was a rarely clash in boxing background in which human being titles in 2 weight classes were at stake. Other significant instances in recent boxing background are the 1988 Sugar beam Leonard vs. Donny Lalonde fight for the light heavyweight and also super middleweight titles, and also the 2014 Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana rematch for the supervisor welterweight and also welterweight championships.