Glucose Sweetener, Dextrose Sweetener, Fructose, Brown Sugar… What’s What?!

Natural sweeteners prefer honey, agave, or cane sugar room not any far better for you than “other” sugars.

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There is a widespread belief that “natural” is better – and also that natural things can’t be negative for you.

Sugar is just one of those an extremely wrong assumptions.

Many, numerous times I’ve heard people in the supermarket remark that agave or love husband is much better for you because they’re “natural” sugars.

But is the true?

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Your body On Sugar: herbal Sweeteners 101

Glucose is the key energy source of her body. Your brain requires glucose to function, and also in fact, a large percentage the your daily calories go to powering her brain. Pretty cool huh?

So there’s glucose – the “sugar” in her blood that provides you energy.

Your body typically gets the from eat carbohydrates (although the body deserve to make it from other sources if it has actually to).

Then there’s dextrose – chemically the same to glucose.

Then you’ve gained fructose – furustos is the form of sugar generally found in fruits and honey. (Think F = Fruits)

Then there’s sucrose, which is fifty percent glucose, half fructose – adhering to me? Sucrose is table sugar, the white grainy ingredient you normally associate v being sugar.

So right here are the basic rules:

Glucose = from carbs.

Fructose = from fruits, honey, agave, and also high fructose corn syrup.

Dextrose = usually created commercially then added to food come sweeten it.

Sucrose = white table sugar, developed from the sugar cane tree (& other sources).

Natural Is much better Is Not far better – The reality Behind Brown Sugar, White Sugar, raw Sugar, Agave, Honey, High furustos Corn Syrup


People mistakenly have actually the idea that organic sweeteners and also natural sugars space somehow different from “other” sugars, therefore they go ahead and load increase on life cane sugar, honey, or agave and also aren’t worried around dumping it in everything they drink or eat.

The trouble is that, metabolically, they’re basically the very same in her body (with one exception, see below).

So wherein the Heck perform All this Sugars Come From?!

Here’s a rapid 101 top top what you’re eating:

Cane Sugar

Cane sugar originates from the sugar cane plant. It then goes v a refining procedure in stimulate to revolve it right into the quite white street you’re acquainted with. Cane street is table sugar.

Composition: Sucrose (50% glucose 50% fructose)

Raw Sugar

Raw street is simply cane sugar that has been processed less – it’s harvested earlier on in the processing/refining process when the street is taken native the plant to the last product. This is simply table sugar earlier in the process.

Composition: Sucrose (50% glucose 50% fructose)

White Sugar

White street is just refined with the procedure I described above (taking that from plant type to smooth and also grainy), and also then washed number of times (or occasionally bleached) to give it the extra white appearance. Among the reasons they carry out this is the it gives it a much more neutral (flavorless) taste and permits it to have actually a much longer shelf life.

It’s the same as cane street just more down the refining procedure – this is quiet natural and comes directly from a plant.

Composition: Sucrose (50% glucose 50% fructose)

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is simply white street that has actually molasses added. The darkness that the brown is connected to how much molasses is in there.

Composition: Sucrose (50% glucose 50% fructose)


Honey is made up of fructose and also glucose (like high fructose corn syrup).

Composition: 20% water, 30% Glucose, 40% Fructose

High furustos Corn Syrup

HFCS originates from corn and consists that glucose and also fructose – which counts on which version of high fructose corn syrup is gift used.

If you’re drink it in soda, you’re probably gaining a selection that is 55% fructose and also 42% glucose (the remainder being water).

Why execute we use it? fructose is many, many times sweeter than common white sugar, and it’s cheaper for service providers to usage it.


Agave is make from the very same plant the we gain Tequila from.

Composition: Agave is 70%+ fructose – i beg your pardon is actually more than high furustos corn syrup.

Honey, brown sugar, street in the raw and sugar in general provide tiny to no nutritional benefits.>

All Sugars execute Not have actually the Same result On her Body (Lay Off that Agave, Folks!)


In one study, scientists gave civilization a beverage that was sweetened v either glucose or fructose. The drink was 25% of your daily total calories, and they were told come drink it because that 10 main to check out if there would certainly be any differences in weight/fat gain.

At the end of the study, the weight acquire was comparable in the two groups, however what was interesting was that only the fructose team had many other an unfavorable effects.

For example, in just the furustos group, fat synthetic in the liver increased, in addition to ab fat gain.

In the furustos (not glucose) group, it additionally led to:

Increased triglycerides levelsIncreased level of apoB, LDL Cholesterol, and also a half dozen various other biomarkers the heart disease risk

Fructose and insulin sensitivity

When her body is insulin resistant, the organic processing of sugars and regulation the blood street is impaired.

Chronic insulin resistance leads you down the roadway to diabetes (and you’re usually overweight a lengthy time before this to adjust in).

In this certain study, fructose totally whacked out the body and started showing indications of insulin resistance. In men, it command to much more fat gain, and also in women was linked much more to insulin resistance.

Fructose in reality promotes the key of cholesterol and triglycerides lot worse than glucose.

Fructose has actually been proposed as among the implicating causes of nonfatty liver disease.

Another study verified that fructose, not glucose, provokes raised food intake.

There’s additionally loads an ext evidence mirroring that among the main reasons why drink soda is making girlfriend overweight is due to the fact that of the insane amount of furustos in that (thanks High fructose Corn Syrup!)

And in an additional study done, this time top top Agave, the researchers concluded:

“Even moderate intake of fructose-containing liquids may result in the beginning of unfavorable alters in the plasma lipid profile and one mite of liver health, live independence of far-ranging effects the sweetener consumption on human body weight.”

Agave is actually worse 보다 high fructose corn syrup because of that insanely high fructose levels.

It’s straightforward to think “Oooh, Agave comes from a plant, for this reason that must be healthier 보다 this chemistry high furustos corn syrup crap!” Unfortunately, that’s precisely what the genius marketers behind Agave want you come think. And also it worked.

Sugar (Any Kind) = beforehand Death

Don’t loss into the trap reasoning that herbal sweeteners and also natural sugars room somehow better for you. Consuming sugar (of any kind) in excess is among the main players in load gain, heart disease and diabetes – which climate dramatically raises your threat of dice from whatever else – choose cancer.

Being overweight raises your threat of more than a dozen species of cancer, and for some certain cancers, 50% the the cancer situations were attributed to gift overweight. (

I Gotcha. Sugar is Bad. Blah Blah …So What Sugar should I include to my Morning Coffee!?

If you’re not consuming that much sugar in general, a tablespoon of love husband a job obviously isn’t walking to death you specifically if you room eating healthy and balanced otherwise. Just remember that honey and also “raw sugar” room not any far better than any kind of other sugar – and that agave serious rivals high furustos corn syrup in regards to how negative it is.

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Reducing how much street you eat (from any source – natural or otherwise) is craaaaazy important.