Up a score ~ above the Lions ~ above Monday night, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett got to deep into his playbook to draw up a trick play because that elafilador.netx.

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Up a score on the Lions ~ above Monday night, the Cowboys got to deep into their playbook to draw up a trick play for elafilador.netx.

Dez Bryant came roughly on a reverse and caught a toss indigenous quarterback Dak Prescott, then completed his an initial career happen attempt come Witten for elafilador.netx. ~ an extra point, the score was 35–21.

Before the pass, Bryant make three captures for 51 yards and hauled in a an overwhelming pass for a touchdown in the first half.

– Kenny Ducey


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In prior of that fans, Houston secured the American league pennant and its third World collection appearance in the last five seasons ~ above Friday.


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Amid the ongoing saga in between Ben elafilador.netmmons and also the 76ers, Joel Embiid urged philly fans to continue to support the fifth-year suggest guard.

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Ole miss out on Paints end Zones in honor of Eli Manning

The Rebels will retire Eli"s jersey top top Saturday and welcome peak recruit Arch, boy of Cooper, for a recruiting vielafilador.nett.