What’s the expense of instead of a Diamond in a Ring?

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You look down at your favorite sparkly finger bling or her engagement ring…and a diamond is missing. Before you shriek and also lose all your hair from shock, remember the you can gain it replaced! rock replacement isn’t fairly straightforward though- check out on come learn much more about the procedure and the price to replace a diamond in a ring.

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How to obtain Started v the Diamond Replacement


A loosened diamond.

When you pop in v your ring to a jeweler, the very first thing you should examine is to watch how conveniently they offer you a price before examining the piece. If lock barely glance at her ring and also tell girlfriend a number, it is a large warning sign that they’re not going to perform a proper job. ~ all, diamonds are distinct gems through their own special grading scale for color and clarity. A trained jeweler will never ever randomly collection a diamond into a ring without checking the other stones in the ring for your quality. Because that instance, if a ring is set with I color I2 diamonds, placing a G color diamond alongside them will be very obvious in terms of contrast.

If you happen to have a ring that’s designed for just one diamond, and has no other stones set in it because that the jeweler come reference, the jeweler will work with friend to identify the finest replacement. Few of our clients have the diamond quality info from the purchase, do the replacement process fairly simple as the jeweler simply offers a new matching stone. Top top the other hand, if you recognize nothing around the initial diamond’s characteristics, the jeweler will certainly take your spending plan into account for finding a brand-new stone.

Determining the price of the Diamond Replacement

Once you’ve started the process with a reliable jeweler, the cost of the replacement rock and the setup labor is finalized. 

If the missing stone is a small side/melee stone, these diamonds space usually 0.07 come 0.15 carat (2.6 mm to 3.5 mm in diameter.) such stones usually variety from $15 to $25 depending upon size and also quality. For larger stones such as center stones, the price is much much more variable.


A tiny diamond ring before and also after rock replacement

One point to understand is that the organic diamond market is highly variable in regards to prices and also stock. Again, organic diamonds space unique and rare phenomenons; to find a diamond v a particular set of attributes can take more time and also resources. This adds to the overall cost of the replacement. As an example, if you request for her jeweler to discover an emerald-cut, 3 carat F VVS2 diamond, together a high-quality and big diamond is no readily accessible all the time. There might be just a grasp of alternatives for friend to pick from, and also depending on market need the price could be greater than usual. 

Aside native availability, the color and clarity likewise determine pricing. As a basic rule, diamonds the lean towards the colorless and inclusion-free side of the range are an ext expensive. Sophisticated color diamonds, otherwise recognized as diamonds that display enough shade to be exterior of the normal color range, are graded separately. 


A graph detailing the clarity and also color grading system


This light brown cushion cut diamond is thought about a sophisticated diamond because of its color.

Finally, size is a major factor for facility stones. The bigger the size, the an ext expensive the replacement. Prices have the right to jump considerably by even a 4 minutes 1 or fifty percent carat difference, so make sure to ask your jeweler what sizes have the right to reasonably fit into your setting; the will aid you lower costs if you have the right to fit a marginally smaller stone into your ring.

What’s the price of Setting?

Once you’ve established the price the the stone with your jeweler, the next step is setting the stone! many settings are relatively easy to occupational with; the bulk of setups are commonly prong setups which average approximately $30 to set.

However, more complex settings require extr work and also expertise to set. Bezel settings, do the washing up settings, and also channel settings are difficult to work with because of their structure. Invisible-set diamonds room the many expensive as the rock needs to it is in specially cut with a groove on both sides, and inserted ~ above two really thin rails come lock right into the setting. On average, invisible setting can begin at $70 or more depending top top the rock cutting, metalwork, and variety of stones. 

Turnaround Time

For tiny side stones, come back time is commonly 1-2 days. The jeweler simply needs to check the ring, and also supply a tiny diamond to pop right right into the ring. Invisible-set stones take it a longer time, roughly 1 week together the stone needs to it is in cut and also set.

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Larger stones vary, depending on the diamond. Enormous high quality diamonds might take everywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on overseas availability and shipping. If the stone is gift specially recut, expect an additional week on top of sourcing time. Other facility stones the are an ext standard in size, such as .5 or 1 carat stones, can be sourced within a week. 

Now you’re collection on just how to replace a diamond in her ring! even if it is it’s a large center rock or a small side stone, her ring deserve to be fixed and also worn again as with new. Let us understand in the type or comments below if you have a lacking diamond on your jewelry that demands to be set. Girlfriend can likewise visit our diamond setting service web page to gain started currently with an order.