Nam Myoho Renge Kyo...YO! I desire my ass smacked (Legs wide)Front back (Side come side)Pussy wet (Slip-N-Slide)(Yup, whatever gon" it is in al-right)Wait bitch, I"mma blow my kissesGet pissed and also throw my dishesY"all niggas know just who this is(Woop-woop!) and also the head so viciousWith me, this shit gon" cost, girlfriend short, then that"s her lossYou recognize this ass is soft, make a nigga go to break offTell me that you love me baby and also get high and fuck me crazyGet a towel and also wipe me offYou desire a bitch through no kind of flawsMy girl be purchase hard, this hoes it is in buying carsIn the club buying bars, nipples tough in designer brasAll my niggas who obtaining cheese, throwback and the crispy GsMoet, Cris ~ above freeze, laugh in ~ a tab cuz this on meMe and Luda in a reduced SupremeDoing things just to touch the creamSo plenty of names wanna crap the QueenI live a life prefer it"s just a dream, UH!YO! I desire my ass smacked (Legs wide)Front earlier (Side come side)Pussy wet (Slip-N-Slide)(Yup, whatever gon" it is in al-right)Hit it right behindJUMP! give me the beat, then I"ma make it bumpTell me what girlfriend wanna hear, damn, correctly it canTrouble v your man, I"ma pop my trunkYou ain"t viewed no chicks favor mine, girlfriend ain"t checked out no flicks favor mineGonna make you (UGH!) next to the subwoofers in mine 6 through 9Tell me the you favor it raw, phone call me that my cock is MWAH!I might make girlfriend famousAnd buy girlfriend watches by Maurice LacroixTell me if it"s brand-new or old, call me if it"s warm or coldLet me understand if it"s black and also bold, say, "Ludacris, 6 million sold"See i ain"t acquired no time for games, and I ain"t gained no time for lamesHow you loving my southern slang?Ooh, eee, walla-walla-bing-bangSo at any time you require me call, winter summer feather or fallIt doesn"t matter, come one come allEither obtain dropped or drop them drawersYO! I want my ass smacked (Legs wide)Front earlier (Side come side)Pussy wet (Slip-N-Slide)(Yup, everything gon" it is in al-right)Diamond Princess, just mind her businessThese rumors space senseless, your whispers space endlessWe living ghetto fab, we spending hella cashThis girl is hella bad, your choice is trailer trashToo lot taste because that whores, you observed me elegant The SourceYou watched me work-related the Vibe, bitches, I works for mineOne time because that these divas, 2 times because that these VisasThird time i come, I"m breezing, the ice just keeps ~ above freezingHold up, I"ma keep it going earlier to back, I"ma keep on blowingPlatinum plaques, keeping it hood, wet sex, keeping it goodLook, girl, you don"t recognize my angleA hundreds thou on a platinum bangleMy niggas will slow your roll, pussy power, we in controlYO! I desire my ass smacked (Legs wide)Front back (Side to side)Pussy wet (Slip-N-Slide)(Yup, every little thing gon" be al-right)YO! That"s appropriate I"m ago againRound two, motherfuckersThat"s right, I"m talk greasyI"m a arrogant lil" motherfucker huh?That"s right, I"m rich, I"m that bitch (That"s right)I"m bout to present y"all how to pimp this shitI"m fucking niggas in the faceThe game is mine, 2003, crap thatFuck every y"all haters, fuck every y"all bitches, get a lifeYou got too much times on her handsI desire y"all bitches to gain a jobUp your game, pimp your game up, babyIt"s all about me this time posesthe thatFuck a dime, I"ma silver dollar, HOLLA!Catch me when I come turn off tour, fuck y"allI"m out