Diana Krall, Elvis Costello date a year prior to marrying Saturday. Jennifer Graylock, linked Press
Jazz singer Diana Krall has actually tied the knot through her beau that one year, Elvis Costello, in a wedding outside London.

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The couple married Saturday night in a ceremony at Elton John"s castle, the Globe and also Mail report Tuesday.

About 150 guests, consisting of Paul McCartney and Canada"s consul basic to brand-new York, Pamela Wallin, to be sworn come secrecy. Krall flourished up exterior Vancouver.

The 39-year-old jazz singer and Costello, 49, live in new York and have a home on Vancouver Island.

Krall"s management company, Sam Feldman and Associates, did not return a call, and her music brand declined comment on the report.

The marital relationship is a an initial for Krall. Costello"s previous two marriages ended in divorce.

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