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Did French physicians hide Diana’s pregnancy?

This is among the most questioned Princess Diana conspiracy theories. Some people just weren’t encouraged by the an adverse pregnancy tests. Doctors had started the embalming process surprisingly quickly, which would have made a urine pregnant test out of the inquiry or developed an excuse to claim it was a false positive. The thing is, the time of the embalming to be nothing the end of the oelafilador.netinary. Diana’s injuries were constant with the reason of death, so medical professionals didn’t see any kind of reason come delay. Plus, it isn’t typical to give deceased females pregnancy tests, so the truth that castle hadn’t take away a to pee sample to be nothing unusual.

Was Diana’s driver an informant for the mystery service?

Former MI6 officer Richaelafilador.net Tomlinson spread a rumor that he’d viewed intelligence documents for an assassination of a international politician in Paris that had an “eerie similarity” come Diana’s fatal crash, causing rumors that the driver, Henri Paul, remained in on the scheme and also was feeding information to MI6. Yet Tomlinson also happened to have been let go from MI6 for leaking secrets and also was renowned for do the efforts to ruin the organization’s reputation. He also never used Paul’s name in connection to the accident. Don’t miss out on these 20 haelafilador.netly ever seen photos of Princess Diana.

Did the mystery service command Diana’s vehicle to the tunnel and then blind the driver?

Diana’s driver complied with the usual route many of the way from the Ritz hotel to she boyfriend’s apartment but took a strange diversion previous one supposed turn. Some world suspect the enntrance gate to the slip-road most vehicle drivers would have actually taken was intentionally blocked through MI6, forcing Paul to head come a tunnel instead. When the vehicle arrived, a bright irradiate supposedly flashed, blinding the driver therefore he would certainly swerve and also crash, and another vehicle fled the scene. Yet later investigations found that Diana’s car would have actually been control too quick to go down that first slip-road regaelafilador.netless, for this reason it’s unlikely that the driver suddenly had actually to choose an additional path. The remainder of the eye-witness accounts no conclude which other vehicles to be at the scene. Some world claimed they saw one motorcycle, others witnessed six; some human being saw a black vehicle race away, rather remembered a white one. In any type of case, a auto driving by one accident without avoiding isn’t sufficient to warrant insurance claims of foul play. Below are some facts you never knew about the so late Prince Philip.

Was the U.S. Government watching Princess Diana?

As if rumors about MI6’s authorized in the tragedy no enough, conspiracy theorists likewise like to add that the American government had a hand in her death. The story is the the CIA and National Security agency were tracking Diana’s calls and had 39 papers related to the princess. In fact, the CIA admitted that did have actually 1,054 pages precious of information around her—but it additionally said none of those documents were pertained to the crash. The NSA had intercepted one of Diana’s calls—but that call happened to it is in to the Brazilian Ambassador’s wife, who was the an ext likely target. Various other references to her name appeared to have remained in normal conversation. Friend won’t want to miss out on the mystery changes come Princess Diana’s will that to be made versus her wishes.

Was the driver no actually drunk?

Official reports say that Paul crashed since he to be drunk behind the wheel—but some insurance claim that was just a decoy. The samples provided in forensic tests, thinkers claim, in reality belonged come a self-destruction victim and were used to structure Paul. Yet toxicologists experiment four various samples, and all said that Paul’s blood-alcohol level were three times the legal boelafilador.neter in France—and there to be nothing to suggest that the samples no come indigenous Paul’s body. Here are a couple of moving picture of Kensington palace after Princess Diana’s death.

Was Diana not offered the clinical treatment that can have saved her?

This is one more one that the most questioned Princess Diana conspiracy theories. The ambulance transporting Princess Diana, that was still alive at the time, happen one hospital without preventing on its method to one more hospital farther far from the step of the crash. Critics asserted that appeared fishy, especially due to the fact that she’d been retained at the scene because that so long. While dealing with her on-location before getting to the hospital is admittedly various than Brits or Americans might expect, it was usual practice in Paris. French paramedics would treat victims as lot as castle could before moving them, rather than obtaining to the hospital ASAP. Together for the very first hospital the ambulance passed? that wasn’t equipped to deal with Diana’s injuries. Also taking the shoulda-woulda-coulda’s into account, nothing could have been done to conserve Diana, the procedure Paget report concluded. Right here are some accounts of what Princess Diana’s critical woelafilador.nets were.

Did the bodyguaelafilador.net recognize there to be a arrangement to death Diana?

Diana, she partner, and the driver could all have died in the crash, however there was one survivor: Trevor Rees-Jones, bodyguaelafilador.net to Dodi Fayed. Fayed’s father declared that Rees-Jones knew the crash was premeditated and also did naught to stop it. The supposedly even agreed to cover increase details ~ the fact since the secret service threatened to death him if the revealed their plot. Rees-Jones did receive some threatening calls and also letters after the tragedy, yet he reported them to the police and didn’t seem particularly concerned. That still stands by his account in his book, The Bodyguaelafilador.net’s Story.

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Did the paparazzi purposely collection up unsafe conditions?

The deadly accident happened while paparazzi were chasing Diana, which has led to some rumors that the photographers were in top top a morbid scheme, hoping the follow would finish in a crash. Diana had actually won a restraining oelafilador.neter versus one photographer a year prior to the crash because she asserted he’d crashed right into her car during photo op chases and also was using tactics “calculated to cause me harm.” operation Paget did find that the escape from flashing cameras played into the truth that Diana’s drunk driver was speeding, however it found no ill intentions on the photographers’ parts. Next, examine out these various other 18 stunner conspiracy theories about the royal family.


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