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In 1983, horror stuck in Oregon together a mom took it upon herself to finish the life that her own children. Diane Downs came to be one the the most notorious murderers in the city ~ she was convicted of shoot her 3 children, killing among them, follow me a roadway in Springfield, Oregon. And, considering how the emotionally flat blonde comment to the whole experience that the shooting, the trial, and the conviction, it to be no surprise that ABC’s ’20/20′ determined to cover the case.

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What’s fascinating, though, is to watch how differently her children – consisting of the 4th one, who she conceived after ~ her original surviving ones to be taken away from she – responded to her doings. If you’re here because you’re curious to know where the surviving children are now, you’ve pertained to the appropriate place.

Who room Christie and also Danny?

Christie Ann, born in 1974, is the eldest the the Downs children, and also Stephen Daniel, recognized as Danny, born in 1979, is the youngest. Lock had an additional sibling, born in the middle, in 1976, Cheryl Lynn, yet she didn’t endure the shooting. Steve Downs, their father, actually left Diane in 1980 due to the fact that he thought that Danny was the an outcome of one extramarital affair the she had. From Arizona to Oregon, the household had moved just shortly before the event for Diane’s job in the U.S. Postal service. And, Cheryl Lynn, had reportedly called a ar of she grandparents the she to be afraid of her mother.

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On may 19, 1983, Diane shoot the kids – Cheryl, 7, Christie, 8, and Danny, 3 – multiple time at a near range. And, by the time she took them to the hospital, Cheryl to be dead. A year later, as soon as Diane to be arrested and also put top top trial, Christie, at just 9 years old, having actually just recovered her ability to speak, testified against her in court. When she to be asked that shot them, she replied with, “my mom.” After everything was said and also done, and Diane was convicted, both Christie and also Danny checked out live through Fred Hugi, the lead prosecutor in the case. He and also his wife, Joanne, legally embraced the kids in 1986.

Where are Christie and Danny Now?

Both individuals decided to live a life away from the spotlight- castle didn’t want prying eyes to remind them the the horrors of their past and also to haunt them an ext than it currently did. Therefore, they flourished up privately and also continue come live your adult lives privately. Christie, currently in her mid-40s, still lives in Oregon, in Springfield, and has a big, love family. Not simply a son, yet a pair of other children as well, including a daughter, that she named after she dead sister, Cheryl. Of course, being married, she has actually also adjusted her critical name. (Featured image Credit: abc News / 20/20)