A self-absorbed realtor enlists the help of his neighbor when he's unexpectedly left in charge of the granddaughter he never knew existed till his estranged son drops she off in ~ his home.

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DirectorsRob ReinerStarringDiane Keaton, Michael DouglasGenresComedy, DramaSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
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StudioRelativity MediaRatingPG-13 (Parents strongly Cautioned)Content advisoryAlcohol use, foul language, sexual contentPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
Marilyn S.Reviewed in the United says on respectable 25, 2017
I would guess even if it is or no you like this movie counts on your age and also if you like sex and violence. At the age of 68 I believed this was one of the finest films because that adults. Sometimes I think you need to think past the superficial story heat to know what it"s really about and this was among those movies. It was additionally nice not to have useless sex scenes and gory violence pop up every 2 minute or to need to listen to vulgarity non-stop.
J. IrvineReviewed in the United says on November 28, 2018
The actors every turned in exorbitant performances in this romantic comedy. Michael Douglas and also Diane Keaton turned up the quality of this genre v their always an excellent acting.Of course, romantic comedies are not anyone taste and also these two huge name talents may have attracted some viewers (and critics) misleading them into expecting a different form movie. However I believed the movie end delivered due to the fact that of the super talented actors, even the smaller components were solid actors, zb Rob Reiner. Every one of the actors proved the audience a an excellent deal the respect by bringing their best to their, regularly silly, roles.The movie is a high quality romantic comedy, through laughter, tears, and human connections. Girlfriend simply have to enjoy the genre to appreciate it.
cindy62Reviewed in the United says on February 24, 2019
Seldom create reviews for movies however this one is precious warning to pass on. I have loved watching both Michael Douglas and also Diane Keaton in the past and also know their talent for acting, yet this movie was so ridiculous, poorly-scripted, erratic and also boring that it to be disturbing to even finish it. I simply kept watching and also hoping that it would improve, as result of the exhilaration talents of these two, yet it never did, in fact, the went downhill steadily. No character was believable, lovable, or even interesting and the script, five my, what an as whole stupid movie and waste the time. Happen on this, trust me.

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dogdaysofsummerReviewed in the United states on October 29, 2017
As others declared it is predictable however it did have those gotcha moments. I assumed that the acting was good in the movie. The characters were fantastic. Ns would highly recommend this movie come others who love Diane Keaton and/or Michael Douglas. Ns will absolutely watch this again.
and to be just about ready to avoid buying dvd"s in donate of "going digital"...I witnessed the trailer for this on some older dvd, went directly to elafilador.net, & added it come my cart (which ended up being a video game of back"n"forth through adding/saving for later on til the blu-ray price to reduce to reduced than the DVD)! so I lastly ordered it, gained it in 2 job (LOVE Prime!), then included it to my farming stash of new (wrapped!!) movies until...one gray, rainy, stay-home Saturday, i passed through the stash and, because it was appropriate on top, made decision to popular music it in & gain comfy. If no the finest movie ever, it"s absolutely the BEST..movie..I"ve checked out in a looonnnggg time! A small predictable at times, yet I didn"t care..the chemistry in between DK & MD to be spot-on (kinda favor Bogey & Bacall; Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks; or Diana Ross & Billy Dee Williams!) Not sure why i don"t recall it coming to the big screen, however wow...I"m forever thankful for tiny screen previews! Def a goalkeeper