The Glass castle meets The battle Hymn of the Tiger mommy in this dazzlingly honest and provocative family memoir by previous child actress and current Fox organization Network anchor Melissa Francis. as soon as Melissa Francis was eight years old, she won the role of lifetime: playing Cassandra Cooper Ingalls, the small girl that was adopted with her brothers (played by young Jason Bateman) through the Ingalls family on the world"s most renowned primetime soap opera, little House top top the Prairie. In spite of her age, she was currently a veteran actress, living a charmed life, relocating from one Hollywood set to the next. But behind the scenes, her success was fueled by the pride, pressure, and sometimes grind cruelty the her stage mother, together fame and also a mother"s ambition driven her older sister deeper into the shadows.Diary of a stage Mother"s Daughter is a fascinating account of life as a boy star in the 1980"s, and also a startling story of a household under the care of a very neurotic, dangerously competitive "tiger mother." yet perhaps many importantly, now that Melissa has two boy of she own, it"s a meditation on motherhood, and also the value of pushing your children: how tough should you push a kid to succeed, and also at what point does your help turn into harm?

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Melissa Francis is one anchor, inspirational speaker, and also host top top the Fox business Network and Fox News Channel, and also a continuous contributor ~ above financial, economic, and political issues on mirrors such together The Five, Outnumbered, continue Now, and America"s Newsroom. Before her role at Fox, Melissa invested nine years at CNBC anchoring strength Lunch, The Call, and also On the Money. She co-hosted It"s the economy on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer. She contributed to the this particular day Show, NBC Nightly News, and Weekend Today. as an actress she appeared in plenty of motion pictures, tv series, and commercials. She is ideal known for her role of Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on tiny House on the Prairie. Melissa grew up in Los Angeles and also earned an honors degree in economics from Harvard University. She currently lives in Manhattan v her husband and also three children.

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