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Getty Arlene Silver and also Dick valve Dyke arrive at the 18th yearly Screen actors Guild Awards top top January 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Silver and Van Dyke knew each various other for several years before the partnership turned romantic. They first met in ~ the sag Awards in 2006. Alphabet reported Silver used Van Dyke’s phase makeup in ~ the event.

Silver described to the Huffington short article in 2013 the Van Dyke approached her in the green room in ~ the death Awards and also introduced himself. She confessed she didn’t recognize a lot about Van Dyke’s work-related at the time. She stated her first question come him was, “Weren’t friend in mary Poppins?”

Silver said Van Dyke hired her to perform the makeup because that a couple of his movie after that. Silver- told the Huffington article that’s exactly how she and Van Dyke emerged a friendship. “We gained along instantly as friends, so that didn’t feel favor he was so much older than me.”

Silver additionally clarified the connection timeline. She described that she and also Van Dyke date for about a year prior to they tied the knot in February 2012.

Van Dyke to be still through longtime companion Michelle Triola Marvin when he first met Silver. Van Dyke and also Triola lived together for more than 30 years prior to she died of lung cancer in 2009 at age 76, The new York time reported. Van Dyke was married to first wife Margie Willett indigenous 1948 till 1984, through whom the had 4 children.

2. Silver- Calls Her partnership With van Dyke a ‘Fairytale’ & the It’s choose They’re Both having a ‘Second Childhood’


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Getty In this handout photo listed by Disney Parks, Disney legend prick Van Dyke, mam Arlene Silver and also Mary Poppins memory his 90th date of birth at Disneyland ~ above December 13, 2015.

Based top top interviews and their particular social media accounts, Silver and also Van Dyke’s partnership is all around enjoying each other’s firm and having actually fun. Silver described her husband to the Huffington short article as someone that never lost “the wonder of a child.”

Silver included that van Dyke is “immature in a good way” and also that that is open-minded. “He’s no stuck in his ways at all. We’re both prefer children. We feel like we’re both having a 2nd childhood.” She also described your love story together a “fairytale” and called valve Dyke her “prince.”

Van Dyke common a comparable assessment to Parade in 2013. That told the newspaper the marrying silver- was “one that the smartest moves I ever made.” he joked, “She’s an extremely mature for her age, and I’m an extremely immature because that my age, for this reason it’s just about right!”