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Dick’s Sporting items to launch new outdoors save brand ‘Public Lands’ as it watch to departure Field & Stream, firearm sales

One that Dick's Sporting Goods's exterior entrances in ~ Lakes Mall in ~ 5600 Harvey St., in Muskegon, top top Friday, January 11, 2019 (Kayla Renie | mrenie



Pittsburgh-based Dick’s Sporting goods outgoing CEO and chairman that the board, Edward ridge said newly that the agency plans to open an outdoor ide called public Lands together the company looks to exit out of the ar & currently business and the firearm business.

Stack made the notice on a recent earnings speak to last month when he to be answering a question on a call with analysts, follow to a transcript top top the invest website, The Motley Fool.

“We’ve been working on this for a pair of years,” the said. “And together we watch to exit out of the field & present business and the firearm business, one of the places where us think over there is a good opportunity is the outdoors. And we’ve been working on this even prior to COVID and now v -- what’s taken place with the virus, ns think the even much more timely, if friend will, we’re going to have actually a couple of stores, together you know, we always test brand-new things. We think this is a yes, really a huge concept -- a outdoor ide called public lands, the we will certainly be opening 2 stores in this next year.”

Stack stated that the very first two stores will take over ar & Stream stores in Pittsburgh and also Columbus, Ohio.

“We think there’s a real possibility from human being getting outdoors, camp, hike, bike, kayaking, fishing, it will be different than what you would see v REI and carve out a different niche, however we’re really excited about this,” the said. “The research study we’ve done around this. Us think over there is a real opportunity in the marketplace.”


Field & Stream opened up on Oct. 15, 2015 at the resources City Mall. The save was sold 4 years later to Sportsman's Warehouse. (Daniel Urie, elafilador.net)

Stack said that ar & stream properties that the firm already owns will serve as an excellent facilities because that the brand-new concept. He stated the change from field & Stream to Public soil would encompass taking out the searching department and modifying a couple of various other departments. Dick’s Sporting products has stopped selling weapons at numerous of that stores end the last pair of year after it announced it would prevent selling semi-automatic weapons ago in 2018, according to a CNN report.

Last year Dick’s Sporting products sold eight the its ar & present stores including the store at the funding City shopping mall in reduced Allen Township come Sportsman’s Warehouse. There are 23 ar & Stream shop still in operation, according the retailer’s website.

Public Lands and Dick’s Sporting goods will have about a 20 percent overlap in the items the 2 brands will sell, ridge said.

Stack will action down indigenous his position next year and will be prospered by Lauren Hobart. Ridge will remain with the company. His brand-new titles will be executive, management chairman and also chief merchant.

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