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The novel coronavirus outbreak gift an immense challenge for worldwide health. However it’s also component of a bigger pattern: Viruses that circulate in pets keep jumping over to infect humans. The story that the novel coronavirus is the story that HIV, of SARS, that Ebola, and even the measles. These space all conditions that have actually been introduced to human beings — v deadly effects — via animals. And as human beings encroach an ext and more into animal habitats, it’s thought these spillover events may only grow an ext common.

The existing outbreak is thought to have started in a food market in Wuhan, China. However uncertainties remain: Researchers space still not certain which animal started the outbreak. DNA evidence says it’s likely related to bats (which additionally were the beginning of the SARS coronavirus outbreak in 2003). But there’s likewise new, unconfirmed evidence, the the illegal pangolin trade may be implicated.

To better understand why health and wellness officials desire to recognize which pets were affiliated in the brand-new outbreak, I dubbed up Jonathan Epstein. He is a veterinarian and also an epidemiologist with the EcoHealth Alliance that was associated in tracking down the animal source for the SARS outbreak.

He outlines what’s known about the source of the brand-new outbreak, the difficulty of preventing outbreaks, and why zoonotic disease (i.e. An illness that passes in between animals and humans) is a two-way street. Animals can infect humans. And humans deserve to infect pets right back.

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This interview has been edited for length and also clarity.

Why it’s essential to track down the animal reservoirs the disease

Brian Resnick

Scientists room trying to find the pet host that this novel coronavirus. And also I have actually a big, dumb question: Why perform we need to recognize this?

Jonathan Epstein

There’s a very an easy answer: so this doesn’t occur again.

Right now, we have actually a the majority of attention focused on comprise this outbreak, i beg your pardon is dispersing from human to person, yet a an essential question us still require to know is, “How walk the very first person get infected through this?” because that’s whereby we need to focus initiatives to make certain that that doesn’t take place again.

Brian Resnick

What carry out we understand right now about where this novel coronavirus came from?

Jonathan Epstein

I think the we have actually very solid evidence the supports the idea the this virus ultimately comes from bats. Yet we don’t know what other animals may have actually been involved.

Brian Resnick

What perform you mean by “what other animals may have been involved?” Is it feasible this no come directly from bats?

Jonathan Epstein

A great example below is the story of SARS. As soon as SARS emerged in 2003, that was additionally in a live market in southern China, in Guangdong. The turned out civilization that were handling and trading civet had actually a higher instance of exposure and also infection come this virus. Climate they tested pets within the markets, and civets were uncovered to be infected v the same virus that was infecting people.

So the presumption was made that people were acquiring it from civets, and also civets were really promptly and publicly eliminated from markets and stamped out.

But a really important research came the end a couple of months after the epidemic looking at civets on farms that gave the live pet markets, and also it turned the end that nobody of the civets that were gift farmed had any type of evidence that exposure or epidemic to SARS coronavirus.

That to be important since this was not in fact a civet virus that was getting into the markets. Civets were obtaining infected in the sectors themselves, just like people.

Brian Resnick

So what was providing civets SARS? to be it bats?

The higher horseshoe bat. DeAgostini/Getty images Jonathan EpsteinSo this is wherein I come in, and also my colleagues. We started working top top SARS back in 2003 do the efforts to recognize what the wildlife reservoir was.

And we found it to it is in bats, horseshoe bats specifically. We now recognize that yes a whole group — a whole diversity — that viruses pertained to SARS that room circulating in horseshoe bats.

One the the viruses we established with our partner at the Wuhan institute of Virology back in 2013 is 96 percent comparable to this novel coronavirus. That provides us confidence the this brand-new coronavirus additionally is a bat virus originally.

These bats are hunted and eaten in China, and in fact were carried into the industries in the situation of SARS, and also that is how other pets including human being were infected.

The brand-new coronavirus likely originated in bats. However experts tho aren’t specifically sure.

Brian Resnick

Do you feel strongly that this new coronavirus outbreak began in a market?

Jonathan Epstein

The epidemiology, the investigation of the faster cases, the first 41 cases of pneumonia, found that simply over half of lock had call or exposure come the market. Some of them functioned in that market. Others had visited the market. There to be other cases that had actually no call with the market, and also that simply suggests that they may have actually been exposed one of two people to other human being that were sick or to pets that were sick perhaps in other places besides that market.

It’s clean there was some ecological contamination in the industry that contains this virus. And that’s what we know so far. For this reason it’s likely that world were infected in that market. Yet I think over there is still some question about how the earlier instances may have actually been exposed.

Brian Resnick

So just to it is in clear, it’s not known for specific that this outbreak started with bats in an animal market.

Jonathan Epstein

Right, it’s no known. It’s still no known.

Brian Resnick

So what’s this i’m reading about pangolins?

Jonathan Epstein

Pangolins have actually been discovered to lug a coronavirus, and a quick piece of that virus’s genome appears to match a short segment in ~ the novel coronavirus sequence. So there’s to be this suggestion that possibly at some allude this virus combined with a pangolin virus, perhaps in a pangolin, an interpretation the bat virus and also the pangolin virus may have actually coexisted in a pangolin and also traded genetics. traded gene a tiny bit come the suggest where it’s gained a piece of pangolin.

Now simply to say, ns haven’t checked out data top top this yet. There’s been talk about it in the media. Yes been conversation of it, yet until we see the studies and the data, i can’t discuss whether this is likely or not.

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Brian Resnick

So that pangolin connection, what space they suggesting? choose this was actually a bat virus that gained into a pangolin, and that infected people, or it was pangolin virus that acquired into a bat, and also then that infected people?

Jonathan Epstein

What they’re suggesting is that it mostly looks choose a bat virus, yet there’s a little, tiny item that looks like a pangolin virus. And also so they’re suggesting that probably the bat virus may have acquired into pangolins and then evolved.