wizard of Oz’s secret Dead Munchkin Myth explained A sinister metropolitan legend about The sorcerer’s of Oz entails the noticeable death that a lovelorn munchkin on camera. Here"s the myth, debunked and also explained.

The wizard of Oz
Victor Fleming’s The sorcerer’s of Oz is deemed among the greatest movies of all time, especially for the pioneering usage of Technicolor - yet it"s additionally a film that holds plenty of dark secrets. Based on L. Open minded Baum’s 1900 children’s fantasy novel of the same name, The magician of Oz has actually been subject to lot controversy, mainly due to the fact that the filming process exacerbated Judy Garland’s use of amphetamines, bring about her eventual overdose in 1969. However, among the most nefarious city legends surrounding the movie was birthed in the kind of a claim that a lovelorn actor showing a munchkin hanged himself on collection during filming. Is this true?

Although an aura of darkness shrouds the tradition of The magician of Oz, this certain claim is overwhelmingly false. The so-called “dead munchkin” legend stemmed indigenous a details scene that takes place approximately 45 minutes into the movie, inside protagonist Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the tin Woodsman walk off in the distance whilst singing “ We’re off to watch the Wizard.” as the trio is seen walking away, the left side of the screen shows up to function a human form hanging native a tree.

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However, on closer inspection, this presumption can be conveniently debunked, as it is merely the silhouette that a bird in ~ the set of the movie. This revelation is backed by the truth that number of birds of varying sizes were obtained from the Los Angeles Zoo and permitted to roam the indoor set in stimulate to grant it a more outdoorsy feel. A great example of this would be the appearance of a peacock exterior the believe Woodsman’s shack if Dorothy and Scarecrow effort to recreation him. Hence, the figure in concern that has actually been wrongfully construed as a hanging body is, in fact, a large bird of the likes of one emu or a crane, disproving the urban legend. The unusual movement of the bird in the elevator of the scene came to be a topic for speculation because that those the town hall the movie on house video, as they to be able come rewind and also play the step in slow-motion, birthing wild theory of an actor-driven come despair end his unrequited love for a mrs munchkin.

Dorothy and also the Munchkins in The sorcerer’s of Oz
The dead munchkin myth was cemented into well-known consciousness throughout the heavy promotion and also special video clip re-release the The wizard of Oz on its 50th anniversary in 1989. This, in conjunction with the unfortunate handy circumstances that surrounded the cast, lent one aura of credibility come the theory. Even after the myth was debunked, considerably audiences viewed the film together one v sinister undertones, which was exacerbated by the alleged existence of dark subliminal symbolism associated with alter-programming and mind control. Further, buddy Ebsen, that was originally cast to play the tin Man, ended up through an iron lung after utilizing the requisite silver makeup ~ above his skin, as it had aluminum powder. Moreover, Margaret Hamilton, that played the evil Witch had suffered native second-degree burns on her confront during filming, short article which, her stunt double also experienced significant burns because of an exploding prop.

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While this instances have the right to be chalked come up only coincidence and also a wire of ill-luck, the severity that these accidents lends a sinister aura come the film’s legacy. Regardless of of the truth whether The magician of Oz film set was cursed or not, the hanging munchkin urban legend is unequivocally false. However, matters of a more serious, murkier type haunt the fringes of the classic musical fantasy, specific the alleged instance of sex-related abuse and also harassment that then 16-year-old Judy Garland had actually to experience whilst filming. This, arguably, is the main point nexus that unease evoked by the film, as its utter lack of attend to emerges together the most terrifying aspect of this 82-year-old movie.