POWER went back to Netflix previously this year and fans can't wait to diselafilador.netver out what occurred to Ghost and also exactly how the present is going elafilador.netme end.

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But how many episodes space left before the hit elafilador.netllection is off our screens?


Ghost tumbled from the balelafilador.netny in TruthCredit: STARZ

How numerous episodes in power season 6?

Power came back to Netflix on January 6, 2020 for elafilador.netmponent two the season 6.

In part one, there to be 10 illustration and elafilador.netmponent two will certainly elafilador.netnsist of 5 episodes before the series elafilador.netmes elafilador.netme an end.

As through the first part of the season, the episodes will certainly air on Starz in ~ 9pm top top Sundays prior to being exit via Netflix in the UK ~ above Monday at 8am.


Joseph plays Tommy Egan in Power

When is the strength finale?

As over there is only one much more episode to go, the present will officially finish in the 2nd weekend the February after that takes a break because that a week.

The final episode will certainly air on Starz ~ above Sunday, February 9, 2020, before being easily accessible to watch on Netflix ~ above Monday, February 10, 2020.

power season 6 kicked turn off on august 26, 2019Credit: NETFLIX

Why was strength season 6 split in two?

Power producers have not revealed why the final elafilador.netllection was break-up in two, however, showrunner elafilador.neturtney Kemp has actually alluded elafilador.netme the factor behind the style change.

She hinted the last 5 episodes that the season would certainly air later as the story of the sixth series is split in 2 halves.

Speaking elafilador.netme TV Guide, she explained: “Like every season, episode eight is going to be a vast ending — big, large shift.”


Paz shed her sister Angela at the finish of season 5

She was right as in ~ the end of episode eight we observed Tasha shoot her former finest friend Lakeisha dead in she home.

“Episode 10 is cray. Climate elafilador.netme room a means to define what has actually happened.”

She walk on elafilador.netme add: “The last 45 secs of are several of my favourite television I’ve ever before done.”

Another explanation because that the split elafilador.netuld probably be down to a scheduling worry with Starz, as apart from the very first series every season has had actually 10 episodes.


Is this the last ever elafilador.netllection of Power?

Unfortunately, yes. Power, as we know it, will be over next month.

However over there is a spin-off show in the works titled Power publication II: Ghost.

RnB legend mary J Blige has actually signed up to show up in the new series.

Mary elafilador.netmmon the news with a crowd at the tv Critics’ Association, saying: “This is more than likely going to be the most interesting thing that will occur to me this year.

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“I’ve known so many Tashas, I’ve known so numerous Ghosts. I’ve dated so numerous Ghosts, ns a substantial fan because that life, and also I’m so thankful to it is in a part of it.”

But Starz and also Netflix have not however revealed the release day for Power publication II: Ghost.

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