In 2019, Dance Moms fans welcomed back the dramatic display after a almost two-year hiatus which to be caused, in part, byAbby Lee Miller"s prison sentence. Miller, 52, was forced to action away from the show after gift indicted ~ above 20 counts of jae won fraud by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh.

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During the psychological in she hometown, Miller, that is known for she crass to teach style, pleaded guilty and also was sentenced to offer time in commonwealth prison.

From her charges come her early release, here’s every little thing we know around Miller’s criminal history.

Why was Abby sent to prison?

To know Miller’s legit troubles, we need to go earlier to her life prior to Dance Moms. In 2010, Miller owed close come $400,000 in real estate taxes on she Pittsburgh studio and filed because that Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the Associated push reported. She bankruptcy situation was tho under review as soon as Dance Moms aired the adhering to year and the money started rolling in. In 2015, a judge to be reviewing she still-pending bankruptcy repayment plan when an episode of the Dance Moms" spin-off, Abby’s Ultimate run Competition, came on, prompting him to look into Miller’s more recent gaue won situation, the linked Press reported.

Both the IRS and FBI investigated Miller and also found the she had hidden $775,000 of her revenue from the recurring bankruptcy proceedings, follow to the Associated Press. It was also found the end that in 2014, Miller had friends divide and also smuggle $120,000 the she earn from her Dance Moms Australia masterclass tour right into the United says from Australia. This violated the customs and also immigration requirements to declare any type of cash over $10,000.

After these discoveries, Miller to be hit with 20 counts of financial and customs fraud.

Miller’s instance went to trial whereby she pleaded guilty come the dues and, follow to Deadline, apparently struck a plea address the prosecutors.

How lengthy was Abby in jail for?

Miller was sentenced come a year and also a work in prison, plus two years of managed release. She was additionally ordered to salary fines that $40,000 and also $120,000. Miller report for her sentence in July 2017, however her time in prison was cut short after just 10 months as result of health complications. In might 2018, she was released and sent to a hospital whereby doctors discovered she had actually spinal cancer that compelled emergency surgery and several ring of chemotherapy.

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Which jail did Abby walk to?

Miller was sent to Victorville commonwealth Correctional Institution, a minimum-security jail in Victorville, California. In march 2018, she was transferred to a halfway house in long Beach, California where she completed the remainder of she sentence before being hospitalized.

What walk she do throughout her time in jail prison?

As to be expected, Miller has actually not explained her remain in prison as a satisfied one. During an interview top top Good Morning America, Miller explained the devilish treatment and also harassment she allegedly got from the guards and prison employee at Victorville commonwealth Correctional Institution.

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"They come into your room they, lock take her locker, castle dump every little thing out that it," she said throughout the interview. "They take it red soda pop and also shake that up and spray it almost everywhere your clothes."

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