Almost a year and also a half after she was first indicted on20 counts the fraud, previous Dance Moms organize Abby Lee Miller was sentenced this particular day to one year and one day in prison by a federal judge in Pittsburgh. After report in come a facility most likely close come Los Angeles in around a month and a fifty percent and serving she time, Miller will certainly have secondary two year of managed release,Chief Judge happiness Flowers Conti told the crying defendant and a packed courtroomthis morning.

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“You weren’t truthful, even when you knew you were claimed to call everything, friend still weren’t truthful,” Conti called Miller.“Somehow girlfriend got captured up in the civilization of fame and you shed your ethical compass,” she added.

As a part of the cost of the loss, fearbut will have to pay a good of $40,000 and a $120,000 judgment for the currency-reporting violation charge the feds hit her through last summer. (UPDATE, 10:55 am – Miller’s key lawyer Robert Ridge said external courtroom the the defense “respects” the judge’s decision and also has no plans come appeal. “I feeling relieved, ns feel peaceful,” Miller included to she attorney’s comments)

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With the hardly ever low-key Miller having hidden much more than $755,000 in income from the life time reality collection from the courts, the nearly two-dozen fees of fraud and an ext from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh were made public in October 2015. The thorough charges brought with them as much as $5 million in fines and a possible five years in jail.If criterion for such white collar crime is a factor, it is likely Miller will certainly not finish up serving her complete sentence in prison and also be out in about nine months.

Lifetime had actually no comment on today’s decision, and also Dance Moms producer Collins way Entertainment did not respond to inquiry for comment.


Monday’s hearing was filled v attorneys questioning FBI agent Sean Langford, the command in the fraud case, together with reviewing emails and spreadsheets that included invoices and paychecks that the U.S Attorney’s office said were never reported when Miller filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.Also, lawyer David Valencik, the Pittsburgh-based bankruptcy certain Calaiaro Valencik, testified the Miller hired the for sure in 2010 as her finances fight a stormy patch and also her local dance studio faced a taxes sale.

Interestingly, Valencik admitted that back then Dance Moms to be not taken into consideration a strong resource of income for Miller. “We didn’t think it to be reliable,” the bankruptcy lawyer said the courtroom together a witness for the defense. Later on in the day, Valencik said the court the run Moms money came to be much more central to Miller’s life and also the bankruptcy case.

Repeating lot of what they had actually said in previous documents submitted come the court in January, both Miller’s defense team and the feds filed last sentencing briefs late last week (read lock here and here), v the former advocating probation due to the fact that of lack of priors when the last again seek jail time. Previously this year, referee Conti include in tentative findings the she to be inclined come lean towards no prison time because that Miller because ultimately none of she creditors had actually been stiffed in the bankruptcy.

Part of Miller’s discussion for leniency was the she make ill-considered choices because she was too recorded up in the rapid acceleration of her life as result of the success that Dance Moms. “Ms. Müller respectfully requests that the Court i have loaded a non-custodial sentence after considering her acceptance of responsibility and the nature and characteristics of her conduct and her life,” said attorneys Robert Ridge and Brandon Verdream in a sentencing memorandum submitted at an early stage this year.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Melucci strongly disagreed, and also made it well-known at the an initial part of the sentencing sessions January 20. Do the efforts to to convince the judge that Miller was not so innocent or duped by her own celebrity, the told Conti that the government believed the Dance Moms hold “intended to reason harm” to her creditor by on purpose misrepresenting her earnings on bankruptcy filings in 2012.

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That hear on the exact same day the Donald Trump came to be President also saw Miller try to go things earlier a bit. She lawyers told the court Miller was dropping she attempts to save the $120,000 she to be accused of illegal sneaking right into America native Australia in the summer of 2014. The feds additionally took something turn off the table too; the government had previously claimed that Miller had used minors to get the money earlier to America, implying members that the Dance Moms team. At the January 20 hearing, they removed their inquiry to enhance Miller’s sentence because that the use of minors in her task of no reporting bringing an ext that $10,000 right into the country.