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(From left to right) Rue McClanahan, Betty White, writer note Cherry, and Bea Arthur in ~ a DVD relax party for The gold Girls, December 2004.

In 2010 White experienced a significant surge in popularity, fueled in part by a humorous Super bowl commercial in i beg your pardon she to be tackled during a recreational football game. Pan subsequently released a Facebook project to have the 88-year-old actress host Saturday Night Live. In might 2010 she came to be the comedy show’s oldest host, and White later received an Emmy compensation for her performance. In June Hot in Cleveland debuted top top the cable channel TV Land. The sitcom starred White as Elka, the quick-witted caretaker that a house rented by 3 women. The display ran till 2015. She additionally hosted and also served as an executive, management producer for Betty White’s Off your Rockers (2012–14), a reality present in which senior citizens played pranks top top unsuspecting younger people. White later held the two-episode Betty White’s Smartest animals in America (2015).


Betty White
Betty White.

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In enhancement to she acting, White was provided as an animal rights activist. She penned the memoirs Here we Go Again: mine Life in Television (1995) and also If you Ask Me (And of course You Won’t) (2011). Her audiobook recording of the latter won a Grammy award for finest spoken-word album. White was inducted into the television Academy hall of reputation in 1995.