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In 1924 plain-clothed police policemans were sent in come polling booths across Cicero. Castle were sent out to help restore order together Al Capone’s south Side corridor were making certain local residents “voted right” in stimulate to keep the gangs political control over the area. The plain-clothed police officers were mistaken together North side mobsters by Capone’s men, and also in a lengthy shoot-out, frank Capone put dead top top the floor filled v dozens of bullets.Some witnesses speak Frank never pulled a pistol out, others say that did. What us do know is the Al go on a rampage after ~ his brothers death killing one official and kidnapping others.

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If you have been one avid follower of Boardwalk empire then friend probably currently know around Frank Capone and the lead approximately his death. However for those that don’t recognize let’s obtain an advent into Al’s brother.

Frank Capone was Al Capone’s brother and also in 1923 castle planned come take over Cicero in Illinois under orders native the ceo of the southern Side Gang Johnny Torrio. Open minded was significantly different to Al, that was claimed to be quiet, gentle mannered and constantly dressed in a suit.

The 1924 Election

In 1924 there was an election acquisition place, and also Democratic party members presented a solid election difficulty to the Republicans. Frank Capone at this allude sent out waves of south Side corridor members to the miscellaneous polling station booths roughly Cicero. They were all equipped with baseball bats, submachine guns and sawed-off shotguns in an initiative to get local residents and also workers to poll for the “right party” that being the Republicans.


Of course, no everyone wanted to perform this so a mass riot ensued, through Frank top an assault on Cicero inhabitants on election Day. The Chicago Police arrived through 70 officers, that were all dressed as typical citizens in an initiative to prevent the turmoil, 30 that these police officers pulled up external the polling station populated by Frank and also Al, that instantly assumed they were North side mobsters who had actually come to assault them.

What happened To Frank?

Now, this is where it gets sketchy as miscellaneous reports differ. The police report says that candid had pulled out his gun and started to fire rounds turn off at the officers who he thought were North next mobsters, in retaliation the police officers with submachine guns fired earlier at Frank. Frank Capone was struck with over shooting shots death him in ~ the scene.


Frank’s bullet Riddled Body

Other reports native witnesses in ~ the scene, stated that Frank’s gun was still in his back pocket and that his hands were free of any type of weapon.

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Al Capone’s Revenge

Al escaped, but due to his hotheaded temper, he shortly went top top a rampage to revenge his brother’s death. He murdered one official, a police officer and kidnapped many much more people. He climate went on come steal ballot crate from every the polling stations. The Republican’s ended up winning, a success for Al Capone.