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The Ole miss coach said CBS sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl prior to the No. 12 Rebels" game vs. No. 1 Alabama ~ above Saturday come "get your popcorn ready" before the dropped his headphones and ran off to the sideline. ~ the Rebels" first possession ended without points, Alabama opened the scoring through a 94-yard touchdown drive.

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Kiffin"s wild play-calling didn"t work, either. Ole miss turned the sphere over on downs three separate times. The all included up to a 42-21 Crimson Tide victory over the Rebels. Alabama coach Nick Saban remained undefeated versus his former assistants, enhancing to 24-0.

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Bryce Young perfect 21 that 27 passes because that 241 yards and two touchdowns because that Alabama (5-0, 2-0 SEC). He also threw his 2nd interception the the season and also was sacked 3 times. Jameson Williams was his main target, totaling 299 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Brian Robinson conquered on the ground for the Crimson Tide with 171 rushing yards and four touchdowns. 

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Matt Corral ultimately put the Rebels (3-1, 0-1 SEC) ~ above the plank in the 3rd quarter v a 10-yard rushing touchdown. He completed 21 that 29 passes because that 213 yards and also a touchdown. 

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Alabama will confront Mississippi State top top the road next week. Ole miss will host No. 8 Arkansas on Saturday in a second consecutive meeting with a ranked SEC opponent. 

Sporting News tracked scoring updates and highlights from the Alabama vs. Ole miss out on Week 5 SEC matchup.

Alabama vs. Ole miss out on score

Ole Miss0071421

Alabama vs. Ole miss updates, highlights

(All times Eastern)

Final: Alabama 42, Ole miss out on 21

6:45:  Alabama take away a knee on fourth down with 45 seconds staying to permit the clock operation out. The Crimson Tide progression to a 5-0 record. 

6:42: TOUCHDOWN OLE MISS.  Matt Corral completes to follow Rodgers because that a two-yard score. Ole Miss reduced the Crimson tide lead 42-21 through 2:23 remaining.

6:40:  A pass interference call versus Alabama"s mockery Jobe it s okay Nick Saban heated. The took off his headphones before he screamed at the ref top top the sideline. Ole miss gets a fresh set of downs at the Crimson tide two.

6:34:  Ole miss out on calls their last time out through 2:44 remaining. 

6:30:  Brian Robinson is stopped short of the very first down marker, enabling Ole miss out on to take end on downs indigenous midfield. 

6:25:  Young find Jameson Williams because that a 20-yard acquire to give Alabama the an initial down at the 41.

6:20: TOUCHDOWN OLE MISS:  Snoop Conner rushes right into the end zone because that a one-yard score. Alabama leads 42-14  v 8:43 remaining. 

6:10: Alabama linebacker Kendrick Blackshire is dubbed for a targeting penalty and is ejected complying with official review.

6:08: TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA.  Brian Robinson rushes for two yards right into the finish zone because that his fourth rushing score. The Crimson birds lead 42-7 through 10:47 remaining.

Brian Robinson pops it into the end zone for the fourth time this day for
AlabamaFTBL . Pic.twitter.com/nQzealdPUO

— SEConCBS (
SEConCBS) October 2, 2021

6:04:  Young is sacked to push the Crimson earlier on 3rd down and also a long 19 yards. He completes to Jameson Williams because that a 26-yard gain at the two. The beat is the evaluation to check if his hand secured the ball prior to he walk down. 

6:02:  Brian Robinson lugged several defenders top top a 21-yard run to offer Alabama the an initial down in ~ the Rebels" 30. 

Third Quarter: Alabama 35, Ole Miss 7 

5:55:  complying with the time out, Ole miss decides to punting from your 10. Alabama retrieves and will start from their own 34. 

5:54:  through 44 seconds continuing to be in the 3rd quarter, lane Kiffin call a time the end for Ole miss at 4th down. 

5:52: Ole miss defensive earlier Keidrion blacksmith intercepts a pass from Young in the endzone. The choose marks the Alabama quarterback"s second this season. The Rebels take end at the three-foot line. 

OleMissFB come up through the turnover the Rebels to be looking for. Pic.twitter.com/VaMsQcwmWM

— SEConCBS (
SEConCBS) October 2, 2021

5:49: Young completes come Billingsley for the first down in ~ the Ole miss 18. 

5:48:  Bryce Young is sacked in ~ the 36 and Alabama decides to walk for it on fourth down. 

5:44: TOUCHDOWN OLE MISS.  Matt Corral runs into the end zone because that 10-yards and place the first set of point out on the plank for Ole Miss. The Crimson tide lead 35-7  v 8:25 staying in the 3rd quarter.

5:30: TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA.  The Crimson Tide opens up the second fifty percent with Brian Robinson"s one-yard score, his 3rd touchdown of the game. Robinson totals 101 yards and also three touchdowns v 21 carries. The Crimson birds lead 35-0  v 12:52 remaining in the 3rd quarter. 

TOUCHDOWN ALABAMANothing brand-new for this team. 35-0 Bama. #OleMiss #Alabama pic.twitter.com/lsDiU8QHz4

— Sideline CFB (
SidelineCFB) October 2, 2021

5:28:  Brian Robinson runs right into the end zone because that another Alabama touchdown, yet the contact was overturned. The Crimson tide gets a fresh collection of downs indigenous the one. 

5:26:  Young completes to Metchie for a 15 garden gain. 

5:24: Young litter a 29-yard pass to Slade Bolden to open the second half. 

First Half: Alabama 28, Ole miss out on 0

4:56:  will certainly Anderson provides the bag on Corral come force 3rd down and 19 for the Rebels. Corral goes under for another loss to end the an initial half. 

4:52: TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA.  Brian Robinson rushes in because that his second one-yard score the the day. Alabama leader 28-0  with under a minute continuing to be in the half. 


— , (
qccfb1) October 2, 2021

4:48: Alabama"s Phidarian Mathis sacks Matt Corral and also forced a fumble, recovered by Justin Eboigbe. Alabama takes over at the Rebels" 14. 

4:42: TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA. Bryce Young completes to tight finish Cameron Latu for 3 yards to earn their second score on fourth down. The Crimson Tide prolong their command 21-0 through 2:55 continuing to be in the half. 

Alabama is having actually fun on 4th down today. Pic.twitter.com/gk6LczOYl9

— CBS sports (
CBSSports) October 2, 2021

4:38:  Alabama forces the Rebels" 3rd turnover ~ above downs through a avoid from Henry To"oto"o. Alabama takes end at the Ole miss 27. 

4:32:  Jameson Williams rushed deep and also looked because that the pass from Bryce Young, yet he overthrew and also missed his target. Alabama is forced to punt for the an initial time in this game, permitting Ole miss to take over at their 22. 

4:30:  Nick Saban phone call a time out with 7:19 remaining in the half. 

4:26: will certainly Anderson pressure Corral and also stops Ole miss out on from the an initial down. The Rebels absent the very first punt the the video game and permit the Crimson tide to take end at their 17. 

4:22: TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA.  Brian Robinson rushes right into the end zone because that a one-yard score. The Crimson Tide extend their command 14-7 with 12:14 staying in the half. 

AlabamaFTBL 4th-down prevent on defense leader to a 4th-down score on offense. Pic.twitter.com/xMniIDPpUa

— CBS sports (
CBSSports) October 2, 2021

4:20 : Bryce Young shuffled his means through the Rebels" defense for a four-yard gain. Alabama will go for it on 4th down in ~ the one.

First Quarter: Alabama 7, Ole miss out on 0

4:08:  Ole Miss forces a consecutive turnover on downs to let Alabama to start their second drive native the 42. 

4:00: TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA.  Young fires a pass to john Metchie because that a 16-yard score. The touchdown point out Young"s 16th touchdown pass this season. The Crimson birds lead 7-0 with 2:20 staying in the very first quarter. 

METCHIE for SIX. Pic.twitter.com/gxsqTgn0lc

— CBS sporting activities (
CBSSports) October 2, 2021

3:59: complying with review, the speak to stands as a finish pass. Alabama proceeds the journey from the Rebels" 16. 

3:56:  Young completes come Jahleel Billingsley, but loses control of the ball as soon as he struggle the ground. The swooped it earlier in for the recovery, however the beat is under review to recognize if the sphere was fumbled, or one incomplete pass. The call stands, and Alabama earns the first down. 

3:54:  Jameson Williams completes a 15-yard happen from Bryce Young to give Alabama a first down. 

3:50: Jordan Battle and Tim Smith make the protect against for the Crimson birds and and force a turnover on downs. Alabama will begin their very first possession from their own 6.

3:48:  Corral gets called for an intentional ground connection penalty, forcing second down native the Alabama 15. 

3:46 : Braylon Sanders renders a one-handed capture on a happen from Matt Corral to provide the Rebels the very first down. 

BRAYLON SANDERS.That"s it. That"s the tweet. Pic.twitter.com/JuxLh7bKT7

— CBS sporting activities (
CBSSports) October 2, 2021

3:40:  lane Kiffin stated "get your popcorn ready" before dropping the mic front of kickoff. 

3:39: Alabama won the toss and will defer, Ole miss out on will start with the ball. 

Alabama vs. Ole miss out on start time

Saturday, Oct. 2 Kickoff:  3:30 p.m. ET

Alabama vs. Ole miss out on will kick off at 3:30 p.m. ET from Bryant-Denny stadion in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

How to clock Alabama vs. Ole Miss

TV channel : CBS

This cross-division SEC matchup will air country on CBS. Gary Danielson and also Brad Nessler will speak to the game in the booth. They will certainly be joined by sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl and rules analyst Gene Steratore.

Alabama football schedule 2021

DateOpponentTime (ET)
Sept. 4Alabama 44 , Miami 13
Sept. 11Alabama 48 , Mercer 14
Sept. 18Alabama 31,  Florida 29
Sept. 25Alabama 63,  Southern miss 14
Oct. 2vs. Ole Miss3:30 p.m.
Oct. 9at Texas A&M8 p.m.
Oct. 16at Mississippi StateTBD
Oct. 23vs. TennesseeTBD
Oct. 30ByeN/A
Nov. 6vs. LSUTBD
Nov. 13vs. Brand-new Mexico StateTBD
Nov. 20vs. ArkansasTBD
Nov. 27at AuburnTBD

Ole miss football schedule 2021

DateOpponentTime (ET)
Sept. 4Ole miss 43 , Louisville 24
Sept. 11Ole miss out on 54 , Austin Peay 17
Sept. 18Ole miss out on 61 , Tulane 21
Sept. 25ByeN/A
Oct. 2at No. 1 Alabama3:30 p.m.

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Oct. 9vs. ArkansasTBD
Oct. 16at TennesseeTBD
Oct. 23vs. LSUTBD
Oct. 30at No. 22 AuburnTBD
Nov. 6vs. LibertyTBD
Nov. 13vs. No. 15 Texas A&MTBD
Nov. 20vs. VanderbiltTBD
Nov. 25at Mississippi State7:30 p.m.

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