The lovely Canadian star was playing ice hockey through his son Carter as soon as he suffered a love attack. He to be 69 in ~ the time

Actor Alan Thicke and also wife Tanya Callau come at the Norby Walters" 16th annual Night the 100 Stars Oscar Gala held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on march 5, 2006, in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty Images)

The "Not fairly Human" star was known to it is in athletic all his life and also had been playing ice hockey from a young age. Having constantly been a powerhouse that talent and also brimming v life, the was difficult for Thicke"s pan to digest the a heart strike would kill someone purportedly in the pink of his health.

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"Autopsy: The Last hrs of Alan Thicke" revisits his mysterious death from the perspective of Dr Michael Hunter, a veteran medical examiner in California. Breaking down the actor"s life and career appropriate from a knee injury he suffered at very early age, Dr Hunter build a conclusive situation to recognize what really brought about the Canadian legend"s demise.

Actor Alan Thicke skates at the opened of the universal CityWalk ice cream Rink ~ above November 29, 2002, in global City, California. (Getty Images)

As previously noted, Thicke"s death certificate noted a form A dissection to the aorta as among the causes of death.A dissection, according to Dr Hunter, is a tear in the wall of the aorta artery that outcomes in blood ending in two networks instead of one. Furthermore, a kind A dissection way the tear remained in the component of the aorta closest come the heart.

The combination of his fast-paced lifestyle, his obsession with ice hockey despite getting on in year (he aspired to sign up with the NHL in his 60s), as well as his unhealthy dietary choices eventually caused the weakening that his arteries. Furthermore, cigarette cigarette smoking over lengthy periods the time can reason thinning the aortic wall surfaces — regularly to life-threatening levels together in this case.

On the morning the Thicke"s disastrous passing, the Canadian go of Famer remained in high spirits. There was nothing wrong with him.

The suddenly nature that his fatality should offer as a reminder that leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is highly imperative, considering the occurrence of aneurysms or thinning that aortic walls space a ticking time bomb with almost no quick term symptoms whatsoever.

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Nonetheless, Thicke"s long and also storied career intended he would certainly live top top in pop culture for eons come come — specifically with a timeless tradition spanning years of critically acclaimed performances.

Alan Thicke sits v his wife Tanya and son Carter throughout the 2009 NHL Awards at The Pearl concert theater at the Palms Casino resort on June 18, 2009, in ras Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)