Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton of Alex & Sierra to visit the premiere that 'Finding Dory' in Hollywood, California top top June 8, 2016.Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Say it isn’t so! Alex & Sierra, winners the The X element season 3, room no longer together romantically or musically.

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In fact, the Florida-based duo — made up of Alex Kinsey, 25, and also Sierra Deaton, 26, — damaged up a while earlier and decided to rest the news to fans on Friday, September 1, via Twitter.

“We may be artists, however it appears the next words are few of the hardest we’ve ever before had come write. Numerous of you have been keeping up v us because that years; you watched united state go from two youngsters who met on the coast in Florida in 2009 come a pair who winner a TV show and released albums and toured the country,” the “Little execute You Know” singers wrote. “We’ve had an awfully miracle time with each other and with you. Unfortunately, things adjust a lot in eight years, and though we didn’t tell the public, our romantic relationship finished over a year ago.”

Not just did they separation as a couple, however the previous boyfriend-girlfriend duo made decision to branch the end from do music together.

“But as everyone does know, we’ve been best friends forever and really make the efforts to store A&S going,” the “Scarecrow” crooners continued. “However, we’ve arrived on a point where that feels far better to branch out fairly than continue making music together. This critical album and also tour were tough on our hearts. So thank you to anyone who ever before watched videos of us, to buy a CD, involved see united state live, bought merch, or simply took pleasure in the music and also listened and shared v friends.”

“No band lasts forever, even if it is they dated or not, yet we will certainly cherish every memory, and our love for will certainly most absolutely last forever,” Kinsey and also Deaton wrote. “We have actually a lot of love for each other and always will, and we room the real human being behind the display screen you’re looking at, so keep that in mind prior to you speak anything and also please respect ours privacy.”

After the former flames obtained an outpouring that love and also support indigenous fans, lock tweeted, “Crying analysis your responses. Didn’t mean such understanding and kindness. Truly love you ALL. Always.”

Crying reading your responses. Didn"t expect such understanding and also kindness. Truly love friend ALL. Always.

— Alex & Sierra (
AlexandSierra) September 1, 2017

Alex & Sierra famously sang a sultry variation of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” in your initial audition. They do if through all the live reflects with memorable performances that Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love,” Sarah Bareilles’ “Gravity,” and also more. In the end, they winner a $1 million recording contract and also dropped their debut album, It’s around Us, in October 2014 via Columbia Records.

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