Alex Rodriguez is a previous baseball shortstop that played in Major league Baseball. Plenty of know the athlete through his nickname, A-rod. He has played for numerous prominent teams.

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Moreover, he started his career through the Seattle Mariners. He also played for Texas Rangers and also New York Yankees.

Correspondingly, the previous MLB player is the 2009 World series Champion with the Yankees. Furthermore, he to be the American League’s Most an useful Player 3 times.

He is also an All-Star fourteen times. As well as that, the is a an extremely successful businessman.

Former Yankee Player Alex Rodriguez with His fiancé Jennifer Lopez

He is the founder of a holding company called A-Rod Corp. He has invested in numerous well-known technology companies, actual estate, and entertainment through the company.

Rodriguez has also served as an analyst for FOX Sports, ESPN and also starred in countless advertisements.

If every this details doesn’t jog her memory, you may recognize the baseball player as the fiancé of Jennifer Lopez. Yes, he is the singer’s supportive, loving, and dashing future husband. The pair’s relationship has actually received a lot of media attention.

Before obtaining into details about the former Yankee’s life and also career, here are some rapid facts around him.

Quick Facts

Full NameAlexander Enmanuel Rodriguez
Birth DateJuly 27, 1975
Birth PlaceManhattan,New York City, the united States
Nick NameA-rod
EducationWestminster Christian School
Father’s NameVictor Rodriguez
Mother’s NameLourdes Rodriguez
SiblingsThree; Joe Dunand, Suzy Dunand, and Victor Rodriguez
Age46 Years
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight229 lbs (104 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel
ProfessionMLB Player
Former TeamNew York Yankees
PositionShortstop, 3rd Baseman
Active Years1994 – 2016
Marital StatusEngaged
Partner/SpouseJennifer Lopez
KidsTwo; Natasha and Ella
Net Worth$350 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last Update2021

Alex Rodriguez | early Life, Family, and also Education

Alex Rodriguez to be born in Manhattan, new York City, the united States. His parents room Victor Rodriguez and Lourdes Rodriguez. Furthermore, his father was a former baseball player in his hometown, the Dominican Republic. He was likewise a large fan that the New York Mets.

Victor’s drive and love because that the video game attracted Alex come baseball. Moreover, the father frequently taught young Rodriguez to hit and also catch. The owned and worked in ~ a shoe store in Manhattan prior to they relocated to the Dominican Republic.

After 3 years, castle relocated come Miami, whereby the MLB player attended Westminster Christian High School. However, the athlete’s parental divorced a couple of years later. Climate he was solely raised by his mother.

A-rod with His mommy Lourdes and Maternal Half-Siblings Joe and Suzy

The previous shortstop prospered up together his enlarge half-siblings Joe Dunand and Suzy Dunand. Alex’s mother operated two jobs to keep the family of four afloat.

Lourdes was a secretary in ~ the local immigration office and likewise waited tables at a restaurant.

The successful athlete credits his mother for his job-related ethic. Besides that, Rodriguez also has an larger half-brother Victor Rodriguez Jr. Who served in the United states Air Force.

In school, his coach served as a fatherly number for him and encouraged the to seek baseball.

Correspondingly, that was an exceptional baseball player. That had numerous college provides while in school.

return he committed to sign up with the University of Miami come play collegiate baseball, he gotten in the 1993 MLB Draft. The Seattle Mariners drafted that in the very first round.

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Alex Rodriguez | Age, Height, and Weight

The business man player freshly turned 45 years old. Together a former athlete, he takes excellent treatment of his health and diet.

Young Alex Rodriguez

Moreover, he functions out daily. Rodriguez is fairly fit and healthy because that a male in his mid-40s. as well as that, the is 6 feet 3 inches tall and also weighs 229 lbs, i.e., 104 kg.

Alex Rodriguez | Baseball and Other Career

MLB Career

Seattle Mariners

The Mariners drafted Rodriguez as the first pick overall in the 1993 MLB Draft. The did no attend college and also got straight right into the league after high school.

Hence, that was among the youngest football player in the Seattle team’s history. Quickly after, Alex proved the team his true potential.

Alex Rodriguez play For The Seattle Mariners

He was among the an initial shortstops in the franchise and American League background to victory a batting title. A-rod likewise won the Silver Slugger Award four times while playing through the Mariners. Furthermore, the athlete to be the Players an option AL Player of the Year.

Besides that, he aided his team in the 2000 American organization Champion Series. Over there he faced the legend team, the new York Yankees. Back he collection a career-high for walks, runs, and also RBIs, the Yankees beat the Mariners.

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Texas Rangers

Following the defeat in the 2000 American League, the former shortstop came to be a cost-free agent. The business man signed one of the richest deals in baseball history, worth $252 million for ten years.

However, he expressed his remorse over acquisition the transaction years later. Furthermore, the baseballer wished he had actually listened to his agent and also joined the New York Mets.

Nevertheless, he ended up being the an initial player come ace the league in house Runs (HR), runs Batted In (RBI), and total bases. He also won the Babe Ruth residence Run Award and Gold glove Award twice as a Ranger.

Besides that, he was the American League’s Most valuable Player. The previous Mariners parted means with the Texas team in 2003 after ~ the MLB combination vetoed his deal. After ~ that, the rangers traded him to the New York Yankees.

New York Yankees

The MLB player signed with the Yankees because that $179 million that would certainly pay that $67 million in salary. He likewise agreed to switch from shortstop to the 3rd baseman as the legend Derek Jeter to be the Yankees shortstop.

Furthermore, he adjusted his jersey number from 3 to 13 as the Yankees’ 3 was retired in Babe Ruth’s honor.

The athlete winner his 2nd and 3rd AL MVP award in 2005 and also 2007 together a Yankee. Moreover, he was an All-Star six times through the team. Alex also won his very first and only series in 2009.

Alex Rodriguez While playing For The Yankees

Likewise, he to be the recipient of the Silver Slugger Award 3 times after joining the team.

However, the was likewise at the center of numerous controversies while playing for them. The athlete to be accused of making use of performance-enhancing drugs and also was affiliated in the Biogenesis scandal.

Correspondingly, he obtained several criticizations indigenous fans and media for his performance from 2004 to 2007.

Many people called him ‘Mr. Cooler’ since whenever he join a team, your performance rotate cold, and also as soon as he’d leave, castle would carry out well again.

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Media Personality and also Analyst Career

After a long career v the Yankees, Alex made decision to take a break in 2016 to invest some necessary quality time v his family and also friends.

Nevertheless, the former shortstop remained a close and special torture to the Yankees owner. He then relocated onto have a career in media.

The businessman appeared as a guest referee in the service reality television series Shark Tank.

Besides that, the previous Yankee signed a attend to ABC News v which he served in GMA, Nightline, etc. Furthermore, he worked as an analyst because that Fox Sports and ESPN.

During his tenure with Fox, Rodriguez to be an Emmy nominee because that Outstanding sporting activities Personality, Studio, and also Sports Events, Analyst. Moreover, he held Back in the Game because that the CNBC network. He also judged Forbes’ following 1000 list.


The MLB player is the founder ofA-rod Corp. With the company, he has invested in number of companies. Several of them areVita Coco, Snapchat, wheels Up, Wave, Petros speed Finance, etc. Furthermore, he has actually funded startups,AcornandSonder Corp.

A-rod as Chairman the Beverage firm Presidente

He has additionally invested in American skilled esports organization NRG Esports, alongside Shaquille O’Neal and also Jimmy Rollins.

The baseballer has also financed fitness studio TruFusion, beverage brand Dirty Lemon, and also Dominican Beer firm Presidente.

Moreover, Alex has partnered through Jennifer Lopez to contribute toHim and Herscompany to administer affordable healthcare. Recently this year, he invest in a financial an innovation company dubbed Nova Credit.

Use of Performance enhancing Drugs

During Rodriguez’s beat career, several rumors were swirling around about his potential medicine use. Initially, the previous athlete denied every the allegations.

former MLB player Joe Canseco hinted to write about Alex in his next book about steroid use.

A-rod unreservedly denied every the allegations and stated the he had never offered performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). However, his statements quickly came earlier to haunt him. Sports Illustrated revealed the the player was one of 104 players that tested confident for medicine in 2003.

He was uncovered to have anabolic steroids, testosterone, and Primobolan while play for the Rangers. Since there to be no penalty for medicine violations, MLB take it no strictly actions versus the players.

Eventually, the MLB shortstop admitted to utilizing banned substances indigenous 2001 come 2003. Nevertheless, that ensured that he was clean while playing for the Yankees. He blamed the substance abuse top top his age and said the he was young and naive.

Biogenesis Scandal

Alex was likewise a large face in the Biogenesis Scandal. One anti-aging clinic in America called Biogenesis to be accused the injecting MLB players with Human development Hormone (HGH).

As a result, A-rod became one of plenty of baseball players that were suspended for the whole of the 2014 season.

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He went through a lengthy process of the contrary the decision. Moreover, he took the problem to federal court v lawyer Joe Tacopina. Back Rodriguez appealed the decision from MLB, that later embraced his suspension.