The Brady Bunch wouldn’t have actually been complete without the family’s witty housekeeper and also beloved friend, Alice Nelson, critical character throughout the 5 seasons of the ’70s show. Shown by actress Ann B. Davis, Alice earn a spot in the understanding of the 6 Brady Bunch kids, often seen as a third parental figure, however it was her sense of feeling that made she truly unforgettable.

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Since airing that is last episode in 1974, new generations have watched the family sitcom and also frequently combine Ann with her blue housekeeping uniform, however the native brand-new Yorker had actually made a name for herself in the comedic civilization long before joining the Brady gang. Take it a closer watch at her career and life after saying goodbye come the show’s above green-and-orange kitchen.

Ann"s early Career


Ann Bradford Davis to be born in Schenectady, new York on might 3, 1926, v her twin sister, Harriet. In ~ the age of 3, her family moved come Erie, Pennsylvania, and Ann had plans of ending up being a doctor once she started studying in ~ the college of Michigan. Yet when she witnessed her older brother performing in the national company of “Oklahoma!” Ann scratched she medical plan altogether and also instead graduated v a bachelor’s degree in theatre in 1948.

Six years passed prior to Ann was uncovered while performing for free at a cabaret-coffeehouse that doubled as a tiny stage because that plays and concerts. A spreading agent observed the climate 28-year-old actress and also suggested she shot out for The Bob Cummings Show. Ann would be actors as Charmaine Schultz aka Schultzy—a lovesick secretary because that a playboy photographer in Hollywood—from 1955 come 1959. In the four-year run, Ann won two Primetime Emmy Awards for exceptional Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Becoming The Brady Bunch’s lovely Housekeeper, Alice

In the decade after The Bob Cummings Show, Ann starred in numerous TV shows and also movies, and also in 1969, she was cast as Alice Nelson, but The Brady Bunch producers had actually no idea what one integral component of the household the character would certainly become, many thanks to the actress’s interpretation.

"Dad didn"t produce "Alice." She was Ann B"s very own creation,” said Lloyd Schwartz, TV producer and writer, about his father and the show’s creator, Sherwood Schwartz, to the San Antonio Express-News. "He simply wanted a funny housekeeper. Yet he obtained a totality lot more. America acquired a entirety lot more. I got a many more. I got a life time friend."


Years later, Ann common the backstory she had developed for Alice, drawing inspiration indigenous her own life. “I determined that my twin sister was going to be a medical professional who couldn’t bought school, so I started doing maid’s job-related so she might afford to go to college," she told the save of American tv in 2004.

Given the Ann had actually a pair sister and she walk have at an early stage aspirations of ending up being a doctor, this backstory provides sense, but she never revealed that to any type of of her cast members, only looping in Lloyd. Return Ann didn’t produce a an ext expansive backstory because that Alice, that was sufficient for her character to stay loyal come the Brady family.

"I cared an extremely much around this family. It was my family…I would’ve died for any single one that them," she explained.

Life ~ The Brady Bunch

In 1974, abc cancelled The Brady Bunch after ~ its 5th season, yet all nine actors members continued to reunite transparent the years for Brady-related movies and also TV projects, prefer The Brady Bunch variety Hour and The Brady Girls acquire Married. Ann even make a cameo appearance in the 1995, The Brady Bunch Movie.

Shortly after the family sitcom wrapped up, Ann relocated from Los Angeles to Denver, wherein she joined an Episcopal ar and committed much of she time to it.


On June 1, 2014, news broke that the legend actress had suddenly passed away after fall in she bathroom and also suffering a subdural hematoma that resulted in her to slip into a coma. The 88-year-old actress passed away in mountain Antonio, in the company of her home parish, St. Helena"s Episcopal Church in Boerne, Texas, and was remembered because that her strong faith.

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