No matter what happens in his an individual life Allen Iverson will go down as among the greatest basketball football player to ever play and arguably is pound for pound the ideal player to ever before play the game he had actually a legendary career and also is the best tiny player the league has ever seen. Iverson completed almost every little thing there to be to accomplish individually but he failure to success a championship and now it will certainly haunt him for the rest of his life.

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Allen Iverson is among the biggest talents in NBA history he to be insanely athletic in his prime and could score 30 points in his sleep. Iverson was a video game changer and broke down defenses every time he played. He put on a present every time he played and was one of the most amazing players come watch. Due to the fact that Michael Jordan retired Iverson is arguably the finest player statistically. The is a first ballot hall Of Famer and there more than likely won"t be another player or icon like him.

His statistics and also awards speak because that themselves. Iverson score an amazing 24,368 clues in his career dished out 5,624 assists he also had an superior 1983 career steals. Iverson average an amazing 27.0 ppg for his career and 6.2 apg together with 2.2 spg. He put up those numbers in 914 job games and did it all at just 6 feet tall and 165 lbs. In the playoffs Iverson additionally averaged 30 ppg for his career which is second all-time to the greatest player ever before Michael Jordan. Iverson play hurt much more than any kind of player and also had a enthusiasm for the video game that only few players have actually had. He played v all types of injuries and also took more hits than any player. He to be a warrior.

Iverson was the 97 Rookie the the year, 97 All-Rookie very first team , an 11 time NBA All-Star, 2 time All-Star game MVP, 3 time NBA steals leader, 7 time All-NBA selection, 4 time NBA Scoring champion (only 3 players have won 4 scoring titles) and also the 2001 NBA. Yes he did the all but he didn"t acquire what the wanted and also needed most.

If Iverson winner a championship he would certainly be viewed in different way as a player and person. He would still it is in on a NBA team and also would more than likely be the 1st or 2nd option like he should be. The wouldn"t lose love because that the game and also wouldn"t have actually gambling and drinking problems. If Iverson had actually a championship all the teams would it is in trying to get him in totally free agency also if lock didn"t favor his attitude. If Iverson to be a champion he most likely wouldn"t leaving the team for personal reasons and if he was a champion he probably wouldn"t leave due to the fact that of injuries since he would still love the video game like the did before he to be traded come Detroit. He would have done that all and also could have actually retired anytime and also it would certainly be a happy ending because he would walk away from the game having excellent it all.


It isn"t all Iverson"s fault that he didn"t win a ring though. The tried changing his video game in Detroit but the remainder of the Pistons team didn"t play prefer they did when Chauncey Billups was v them. Iverson also sacrificed shoot attempts and also touches and minutes in his second stint v the Sixers to win but that didn"t work out either. His time to victory a ring had passed the work he was traded native Denver come Detroit. Just like all the other basketball legends the only means Iverson would success a ring was if the team to be revolved roughly him and also once that left Denver it to be no longer built roughly him.

Bad administration in Philadelphia damaged Iverson opportunities of ever winning a ring. But in 2001 Iverson had one the the best individual seasons in NBA background leading a bunch of scrubs (except Mutumbo) to the NBA Finals. He had Larry Brown is just one of the finest coaches ever and also he had Dikembe guarding the hoop top top defense but on violation there was no a player to take it the pressure off of Iverson in 2001 and also he never ever really had actually that ever player in his prime. That didn"t have actually the sidekick or supporting actors all the other good players who have actually won championships have had. If Iverson was going to win a championship he was going to carry out it in his first stint in Philly and also he necessary a Scottie Pippen to execute it but he never acquired it. Iverson was accused of being selfish at times but many people don"t recognize that the Sixers needed Iverson to score 30 every night to it is in competitive and in Denver he still winner 50 gamings in one of the finest Western Conferences in background but he needed the team to revolve around just him it was additionally built about Carmelo Anthony and that wasn"t going to work. 

Iverson never really demanded football player from the administration either and also he most likely should have however now his career is probably over and he is do the efforts to get his life back on track. Iverson may have actually started shedding love for the video game late in his career due to the fact that he busted his body and played his hardest every night however his teams failed to win the championship and that must have hurt that mentally. Perhaps he wouldn"t have this drinking and gambling difficulty he has actually right now since he would certainly be playing coherent basketball every year. Iverson hated losing and also loved to win however he didn"t obtain a opportunity to victory a championship. Iverson to be hungry for the ring for so numerous years now and also one that the factor he left philadelph the first time was because he felt the didn"t have actually a possibility to victory a championship there and had so plenty of frustrating years. But the frustration ongoing for Iverson and maybe that bring about Iverson"s personal life crashing down.

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Although Iverson is a legend and also had an amazing career favor to many players had he needed a championship an ext than anything. It would have actually not only saved his career but saved his life. Iverson would certainly be play basketball in a happy situation since every year his team would certainly surround him v players the can aid him remain at the top and he would continue getting superstar treatment and playing systematic basketball. The 3 men that had actually a better career than Iverson in the previous decade all have multiple championships and those guys are Kobe, Tim Duncan and Shaq and Iverson who has top 25 all time standing would too have top 15 all-time status. LeBron James should learn a lesson from Iverson because he have the right to win all the separation, personal, instance awards that wants yet if that doesn"t victory a championship it will hurt him big time. 

Iverson had an exceptional NBA career and also he did almost everything. But one point is for certain Iverson"s career wouldn"t end this way and his an individual life wouldn"t be this sad if he had actually a NBA Championship on his resume. Iverson will always be considered a legend, a warrior and also even a champion however just no an NBA Champion. 

Not to win an NBA Championship will haunt Allen Iverson for the rest of his life. However than again it already is.

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