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A mural showing Alton Sterling and also teddy bears at a memorial near where he to be killed throughout an incident with Baton Rouge Police practically a year ago, ~ above July 5, 2016, external the Triple S Food Mart on north Foster Drive. Photographed June 28, 2017.

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When Blane Salamoni applied to end up being a Baton Rouge police officer, room officials identified he had been deliberately dishonest throughout the hiring procedure — a disqualifier flagged ~ above at the very least three various other applications submitted roughly the exact same time.

While the other candidates were rejected, Salamoni was given a badge and also gun, according to a BRPD administrative review derived by The Advocate.


The proposed $5 million negotiation in the civil suit filed on behalf of Alton Sterling"s five children is off the table for now, but one membe…

The report to be prepared and submitted come Chief Murphy Paul in July 2019, simply days prior to he publicly apologized because that the 2016 shoot of Alton Sterling and slammed his precursors for hiring the officer responsible. In the speech, the chief called Salamoni "a male who should have actually never, ever worn this uniform. Period."

Salamoni was among officers that responded to a complaint around an armed man outside a north Foster drive convenience store. Prosecutors walk not carry charges against anyone, saying Sterling was getting to for a gun as soon as Salamoni fired the fatal shots.

The report includes a review of Salamoni"s hiring records and was conducted, in part, to recognize whether nepotism was the deciding factor in his ultimate employment through BRPD, follow to the report. Both that Salamoni"s parental spent years on the police force and also his father to be a union leader for part time.

On a record identified in the report as a "qualifications checklist," hiring managers provided under "disqualifiers" the Salamoni to be "intentionally untruthful, misleading and/or failed to report any kind of information requested during the rental process."

At the very least three various other applicants who applied around the same time had the same disqualifier noted, follow to the report.

"Though the various other three applicants" Qualifications Checklists were identical to Salamoni, the hiring procedure for those three candidates were instantly halted, if Salamoni was allowed to move forward," composed Sgt. Myron Daniels, the author of the report and former internal affairs commander.


Salamoni"s attorney Steve Carleton stated he didn"t know what the checklist to be referring to due to the fact that Salamoni was open and also honest throughout the applications process. Carleton stated the allegations of nepotism have actually no merit, suggesting Salamoni to be proud to follow in the footsteps the his parental in follow a law enforcement career. 

The bureaucratic review was made public this week during the discovery process in an continuous wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Sterling"s five children. The suit alleges, amongst other things, the the department to be negligent in hiring Salamoni and also failed come supervise him, also after his habits on the pressure raised red flags.

District Judge wilhelm Morvant rule Monday that BRPD would need to release the document to the plaintiffs without restrictions, saying it to be a public record that can be noted to the media, follow to an e-mail sent to councilmembers from the Parish Attorney"s Office. That judgment came after defense attorneys, representing the city and its police department, asked for a protective stimulate prohibiting its windy release. 

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Parish lawyer Andy Dotson stated he could not discuss pending litigation. A BRPD spokesperson also declined come comment.

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Both next in the lawsuit have actually struggled to with a settlement agreement as public dialogue neighboring the case has become more and more contentious. The east Baton Rouge metro Council vote this month to refuse a $5 million negotiation proposed once the two sides i agreeed to take part in mediation critical fall.