Kanye West is earlier to his date days. Adhering to his split from fact tv star Kim Kardashian, rumours have it that West is now dating version Irina Shayk - ex girlfriend of Bradley Cooper. 

As West"s romantic life is in news again, here"s a look back at his first love, famous exes, brutal splits and more. 

discovered love before stardom

among Kanye"s very first girlfriend wasSumeke Rainey. Hedated her prior to he increased to stardom andthings were pretty lot serious between them yet once West discovered massive success in the hip-hop industry, the two split. No one knows, who Sumeke Rainey is, yet once that referenced she on his track "Never permit Me Down," and recalled promising Rainey’s father the he will certainly marry her.

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"Nothing sad as that day my girl"s dad passed far / So ns promised to Mr. Rainey I"m gonna marry your daughter," the rapped in the song.


Alexis Phifer

Kanye date designer Alexis Phifer on and also off from 2002 come 2008. The couple started casually dating in 2002, yet their relationship hit arough patch as soon as Kanye"s job skyrocketed in 2004 after the release of his album "The university Dropout". The pair again got back together in 2006 and also this time West popped the question, but the pair broke off your engagement in 2008, following West"s mommy unexpected death.


Brooke Crittendon

Kanye West date the previous MTV employee Brooke Crittendon during his brief break-up from designer AlexisPhifer. Although things didn’t last lengthy for the two and the couple called it off.



Amber increased

among Kanye"s most renowned relationship which attracted the pap"s attention and became the headline permanently. The rapper dated model Amber increased from 2008 come 2010. Later, climbed revealed the Kim Kardashian was the key reason why their three-year-longrelationship ended andcalled she a ""homewrecker"".Later, she claimed that the rapper constantly bullied her.


Selita Ebanks

Despite every one of Amber"s cases that Kanye cheating top top her with Kim, after break up the model, the rapperwent ~ above to day model Selita Ebanks. The couple dated because that a short period in 2010 and walked numerous red carpets together.


Kim Kardashian

The lengthy time friends started dating quietly until going public v their partnership in 2012 and in December the year, the pair announced the they to be expecting their first child together.Soon after ~ the bear of their daughter North, the rapper suggest to she in 2013, getting down ~ above one knee at AT&T stadium in san Francisco and later got married on might 24, 2014, in Florence, Italy.Over the years, the couple"srelationship hasgone through numerous ups and downs. The two had atumultuous 2020, that contained West"sbid for presidential position and also hisbreakingdown throughout a windy eventrevealingsome controversial things like wanting to obtain their very first child "aborted" come "divorce".Ultimately, after month of speculation, Kardashian filed for divorce on Feb. 19, 2021.


Irina Shayk

following his break-up with wife Kim Kardashian, the rapper is reportedly now datingmodel Irina Shayk - that shares a daughter v ex-Bradley Cooper.

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The pair were spotted security romantic 3 days in France in ~ the luxurious Villa La Coste,where they together celebrated the rapper"s 44th birthday.