Showrunner Steve Molaro talks through THR about the cliffhanger ending, if season 12 will certainly be its last and more.

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The huge Bang Theory.>

CBS’ The large Bang concept just finished its 10th season with an exclamation point.

Punctuating a season that Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) growth, the nerdy comedy from lining Lorre and also Steve Molaro featured Sheldon’s long-awaited marriage proposal to Amy (Mayim Bialik).

In the penultimate episode, Amy left to spend three months teaching at Princeton. That left Sheldon alone in the apartment they share to fend for himself for the first time. Bored, Sheldon starts spending time with Ramona Nowitzki (guest star Riki Lindhome) that returns to the university and pursues Sheldon romantically. Sheldon, thinking his friends room wrong about Ramona’s attention in him — winds up asking her point blank if she’s interested in him. Lot to his surprise, Ramona rapidly responds through kissing the on the lips.

Shocked, Sheldon it s okay up and also leaves and also in a music-less montage, gets in a taxi, goes to the airport, buys a aircraft ticket and also flies across the country and also goes straight to Amy’s door. A shocked Amy opens the door to uncover Sheldon top top a knee, hold the ring he’s had due to the fact that the season eight finale, and proposing.

With the season finishing on a cliffhanger — will Amy speak yes? will certainly she be placed off through the fact that he proposed after another woman kissed him? — The Hollywood Reporter turned to showrunner Molaro to breakdown the romantic surprise.


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You’re renewed because that two more seasons. How clear room you the this is the end? That’s what we’re hearing indigenous sources.

I have no idea. There to be a time when 10 can have been the end and now we’re lucky sufficient to have two more years to perform this together a family and also all we can do is focus on what’s in prior of united state and try to make it as good as us can.

Have friend thought around if Amy and also Sheldon’s wedding would be a fitting collection finale?

I don’t know. I don’t desire to think around the series finale due to the fact that it’s too emotional for me. Time will tell. It was a surprised to us when we made decision Sheldon was going to propose and I would like to think it would be a surprised to us when they obtain married.

What adjusted for Sheldon that made this the best time come propose?

The week prior to the finale, Amy said him the she’s going come Princeton because that at the very least three months and that aided him start to think about where he is in this relationship. The was currently on his mind and then when we introduced another woman sniffing around, that helped crystallize things also further.

Sheldon walk on fairly a trip after Ramona kisses him. Because that someone who is therefore methodical around everything — travel, etc. — what does the journey say about Sheldon at this suggest as well together Amy’s impact on him?

He self is surprised in ~ her impact on him. I really appreciated watching the take the journey. From moment Ramona kisses him, I favor that Sheldon really takes a minute to procedure what simply happened. He’s thinking, “OK, my friends to be right; Penny was right; what am ns doing? just how am i feeling around Amy? … excuse me a moment.” In his analytical mind the said, “You must go propose.” the answer made sense to him and he walk it. Ns like how it played out and also really delighted in the montage. We weren’t sure just how we to be going come feel about that montage. We placed it in the script and also sometimes girlfriend think miscellaneous is a good idea in the writers’ room and then you watch it on its feet and think, “What have we done?!” We had actually to walk to a table read and at the read, us were hearing the director read, “Sheldon gets in a taxi. Sheldon goes come the airport. Sheldon buys a airplane ticket.” and we to be thinking, “Boy, i hope this isn’t boring and is interesting.” as soon as we witnessed it play out at the run-through the following day, we began to feel really great about it.” us looked at it in editing and also made the decision to not put any type of music over it and let it play the end in this weird silence wherein you go on this journey and also it’s amazing to watch him and shot to number out what exactly is keep going here.”


Big Bang is well known for not planning stories out too much along. However when walk Sheldon’s proposal end up being something you want to end the season with?

A pair weeks prior to the finish , we beginning batting approximately ways it might end. Once we to be in the region that Ramona to be going to be sniffing around, that appeared to it is in an organic method to gain to Sheldon proposing. We’ve recognized this ring has been floating approximately for a while for this reason it’s no outrageous that he had actually the engagement ring.

Considering exactly how slow Amy and also Sheldon’s relationship has actually moved — they moved in together this season — this is moving pretty rapid for Sheldon. Have you thought about how lengthy this engagement might last offered how conveniently they relocated in and the proposal came? Amy is yes, really helping to advice Sheldon’s development.

A lot happened in season 10! us haven’t talked about it extensively. It’s a slow-moving relationship and wedding dates are movable, so that knows. I would certainly imagine they’re no in a rush however we try not to arrangement too much ahead — since it helps save things exciting and organic. But time will certainly tell. Ns don’t understand what’s in store for them and also that’s what I uncover exciting about it.

How much of Amy’s reaction will certainly we see?

We’re just thinking around it now but, as a viewer, I’d feel cheated if ns didn’t obtain to check out Amy’s reaction!

Is it safe to suspect Amy will certainly say yes?

I don’t know what’s walking to occur but any type of viewer would imagine she would — but we, the audience, know what driven him there. It’s an amazing situation and also I’m excited come see exactly how it transforms out.

So can the truth that one more woman kissed Sheldon be a problem?

It might be! we were cautious to save Sheldon an chaste bystander in all this but another woman gift the impetus? If I’m Amy, I’m no sure just how I feel around that. She to know she loves Sheldon and he’s below in prior of me … but it’s a really interesting situation.

Could this be a Leonard and also Penny situation? look at how many times they each proposed!

<Laughing> There were a many of Leonard and Penny proposals, that’s because that sure!


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Will there be a time jump once season 11 returns? perhaps see Amy’s reaction in flashback?

We haven’t talked about it in depth that much yet. Anything is possible.

Wedding planning because that someone who is as details as Sheldon … seeing Amy’s household — have actually you thought around some of the stories that you might open up v Sheldon and also Amy’s engagement?

We haven’t thought about it long-term however if and when we obtain to the point, it does open a most fun possibilities — like family members. We’ve seen exactly how Amy behaves herself together a maid of honor so who knows what’s in store.

How could the corridor respond?

As weird together Sheldon and Amy’s partnership is and has been, if you mapped that out as a graph, it’s probably very consistent. It’s slow, but it all renders sense. I would imagine they’ll be happy about it however I don’t know. It’s shocking and also at the very same time, that isn’t.

What’s following for Leonard and Penny? What around Bernadette and also Howard? The guys’ task ends too.

What’s nice around season 11 is we’re top top a fresh web page in a the majority of their lives and we’re ready to begin some new adventures personally and also professionally and also it’s going to be funny to dig into that. Bernadette and also Howard room still figuring out how to it is in parents; Penny seems a little unhappy at she job; Leonard and all the guys are all set to take on the next scientific frontier the they’re going come tackle. The seems like it’s ripe for them to boldly walk where ever before they’re going to boldly go.

Raj is going to be life in what sounded like much less than ideal problems in Bert’s garage. Could that north apartment come to be something we watch again, maybe for Raj and Stuart, that Howard and Bernadette at some allude will no longer need together a nanny? could they take the over?

The apartment to be not placed there purposely for those sorts of reasons. It yes, really was a visual joke for us. But anything is possible we love Kevin Sussaman as Stuart and also Raj is flailing around. Stuart is in an exciting position because he’s also worked his method into gift a nanny for Howard and Bernadette and also I’ve really been enjoy it him living through them. I don’t know what’s going to happen however it transforms out there is one apartment over there so time will tell.

Bert has been a good foil for Sheldon. Will we proceed to see an ext of that in season 11?

I certain hope so. Brian Posehn is hilarious and also we love him and it’s been funny to check out his character. Bert provides Sheldon stunner in part because he’s therefore nice and also that’s a really funny frenemy. He’s a great foil in a means in that it’s his sweetness that Sheldon find so frustrating.

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Have we watched the last of Ramona?

I don’t know. I can tell you we love Riki Lindhome and if the story makes sense to check out her again, no reason not to.