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A complete history of Andy and Helen"s love on The Andy Griffith present

Opie: “You mean, you and Miss Crump can get married someday?”


When Andy Taylor meets Helen Crump, everything changes for Mayberry"s most eligible bachelor. The marriage talk starts almost right far (although Barney"s the one initiating every one of it), but in reality, Andy and Helen took their time getting to understand each various other through a the majority of ups and downs in the five seasons they invested dating.

Do you remember every minute that Mayberry"s sweetest love story? In respect of Valentine"s Day, us recreated every the romantic below, for this reason you have the right to see in one scroll the complete history of Andy and Helen"s love on The Andy Griffith Show.


Andy"s first impression that he makes on Helen Crump is certainly not a an excellent one. He"s foolishly placed the id in Opie"s head that the history lessons miss Crump is teaching are beyond Opie"s age, therefore Opie"s told his teacher that doesn"t should listen. Once Helen go to face Andy, sparks do not fly, at least not for the teacher, who refuses to call him anything however Sheriff Taylor in her many pained voice.

She leaves in a huff after asking Andy for simply one thing:"Would you please execute me simply one favor? simply stay out of my business, please."

Of course, Andy doesn"t remain out of she business, and also instead inserts himself back into the instance further, acquiring the boys to reverse their negative behavior in miss out on Crump"s class. The teacher notices, and when she pertains to thank Andy because that the distinction he"s make in her pupils, Andy asks she if he have the right to walk her home. It"s the very first glimpse we have of the two exchanging glances.



The really next episode featuring Helen Crump is appropriately called "A wife for Andy," yet in the episode, it"s not simply Helen ~ Andy, it"s almost the totality town, as Barney looks for a soulmate for his finest pal. Sensing Andy"s interest in Helen, Barney invites Helen to dinner in ~ Thelma Lou"s without telling Andy she"ll be there. Therefore Andy"s surprised to see Helen, feather beautiful in sparkling earrings and the first of plenty of broaches we see the lady undertake on day nights.


"You recognize I hardly recognized you without her uniform," Helen speak Andy prior to Barney badgers her right into admitting she doesn"t know exactly how to cook a foot of lamb – Andy"s favorite. Instead, she tells Barney, she future husband will need to settle for frozen dinners.

Good point Andy says, "What"s wrong through frozen dinners, Barn? They"re good. I choose "em."

We don’t check out Helen again until season four, once she provides a brief and 100% experienced appearance in “Opie’s Ill-gotten Gains” come alert Andy that Opie’s lying about a wrong on his report card.Two episodes later, though, we get to see Andy and also Helen’s very first date in “A day for Gomer.”

In "A day for Gomer," Helen and Andy walk on a triple date with Thelma Lou and also Barney, and also Gomer and one the Thelma Lou"s cousins.

When Andy first sees Helen, that says, "You look lovely." She thanks him and also says, "You look horrible nice."

Barney lets it slip the Andy permit him press his britches before their date, trying come prove come Helen the Andy likes her. By the finish of the episode, Thelma Lou"s slapped Barney, Gomer and also the cousin discover they"re excellent dance partners, and Andy"s make his 2nd date with Helen, the mrs he"ll sooner or later marry.

Andy and also Helen’s next day came v “Barney and also the cave Rescue.” It opens up with Andy and also Helen and also Barney and also Thelma Lou on a double date picnic. Andy and also Helen break far to watch a cavern he explored once he to be a boy, and once she peers inside, Andy says, “You’re not afraid that the dark, are you?” Helen says, “Well, you’ve gained a flashlight.”

Andy gets a little flirty and also says, “Well, if we find a quite comfy location in there, the batteries might run down.”

The pair – certainly now a couple – re-publishing a discovering laugh, however the laughter stops as soon as they finish up gaining lost in the cave. However, it outcomes in this priceless moment, the an initial time we check out Andy protecting Helen. Because that what it’s worth, that does get her the end of the cave, both arising from the cave a tiny soiled from the experience.

In "Andy and also Helen have Their Day," Andy"s just trying to take Helen ~ above a quite picnic lunch, yet everybody in city keeps interrupting — also in the middle of the woods!

At the finish of the episode, again, Barney assumes castle are gaining married, and Andy and also Helen need to insist again the they space not, only this time, the daunting conversation takes location in front of Opie. When they smooth it over through Ope, Andy and Helen acquire their alone time, cuddled increase listening come music. Andy says, “Nice, isn’t it?”

Of course, Barney interrupts that, too.

The totality “Are they gaining married?” thing proceeds into “Three Wishes for Opie,” where Barney think Opie wished on one oil lamp for Andy to marry Helen and once again gets the city talking nuptials not yet booked by the really couple. This time, Helen it s okay mad, yet it’s all smoothed over gradually for Andy and Barney to it is in so smitten with their girlfriends the they try to leaf Goober out from tagging along on their dates. This leads united state to the very first moment as soon as Helen truly gets jealous of another woman with Andy…

In “Guest in the House,” a close friend of Andy’s family, Gloria, comes to stay, and also Helen can’t help but notice how nice she is.

As the love story continues, we watch as Aunt Bee concerns she’s acquiring in the way of Andy and Helen’s marriage and also the return the the fun girls leads to an ext jealousy from Helen, however soon enough, it’s Andy’s turn to feeling the burn of jealousy…

In “Andy’s Rival,” a visiting teacher appears to offer Andy some competition for Helen’s admiration, and also when Andy meets him, it bruises his confidence simply a bit. Simply look at how Andy’s sitting on the eight of the couch to number out his lull level of Helen following to an additional man top top his very own sofa.

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Later the teacher also gives Andy a operation for his money on the guitar, supposedly a virtuoso.