FILE - In this Feb. 3, 2020, file photo, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, left, hold the MVP trophy with NFL Commissioner i get it Goodell before speaking in ~ a news conference in Miami. After leading the Chiefs to their very first Super key championship in five decades, Mahomes is lastly eligible to sign a contract expansion this off-season. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File)

Mahomes vocal support of the protest movement is stark contrast to how former Chiefs star Marcus Peters was treated after that silently protested in 2017.

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What a distinction four year makes.

In 2016, throughout Patrick Mahomes’ final season at Texas technology University, san Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee together a silent protest versus police brutality and also the treatment of black human being in America.

A few months later, Mahomes obtained a first-hand taste of how the NFL and also the Kansas City Chiefs encountered the social concerns being elevated by Kaepernick’s actions. Other NFL players, prefer then-Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, had picked up Kaepernick’s cause and also carried it v the 2017 season through silent sideline protests of their own.

Peters’ sat during the national anthem before games, developing discomfort in the Chiefs organization, and also he was ultimately traded after ~ the season ended.

Now, together the reigning Super bowl Most an useful Player and the inarguable confront of a transforming NFL, Mahomes has actually used his communication to vocally assistance the black color Lives issue movement, portrayed by his joining in a video put out by numerous NFL players that was released after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

NFL stars came with each other to release this video, i m sorry asks the league to:◼️ blame to racism and also systematic oppression◼️ recognize fault in silencing players from peacefully protesting◼️ state its belief that Black lives matter(via

— SportsCenter (
SportsCenter) June 5, 2020

“I’m mindful of coming off a Super key championship and being the quarterback the the Super key winning team, however I’ve constantly believed in people,” stated Mahomes, once asked around the weight his message now carries. “I’ve constantly believed when civilization do points together—do things for the right reasons and have a an excellent heart as soon as they do it—that things get done.”

In the very same video, Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu asks, “How numerous times carry out we need to ask friend (the NFL) to hear to your players?”

A day after the video clip lit up social media, NFL commissioner roger Goodell responded, publication his very own taped statement.

“We, the nationwide Football League,” Goodell said, “admit us were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier.”

We, the NFL, condemn racism and also the systematic oppression of black color People. We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for no listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and also peacefully protest. We, the NFL, think Black resides Matter. #InspireChange

— NFL (
NFL) June 5, 2020

It was a stunning turnabout, not just for the NFL but for the Chiefs.

After Peters made decision not to stand for the anthem in the nationally televised season opener at brand-new England in 2017, then the adhering to week in the Chiefs residence opener against Philadelphia, Chiefs chairman the the board Clark Hunt released a statement through the complying with conclusion:

“I believe, as Americans, every of us has a responsibility to engage one an additional with empathy and also humility to acquire a far better understanding of means we deserve to work together to deal with these challenging issues.”

Hunt’s declare supported discussion of the issues but pointedly lacked such support for his player.

When asked about Peters the week the statement to be released, Coach Andy Reid also sidestepped the fist his star cornerback to be receiving.

“I don’t desire to get into a dispute over it. It is a dispute you’re not going to success either way,” Reid stated at the time.

When the topic of kneeling throughout the anthem together a silent protest was brought up again with Reid this week, he responded, “This isn’t about kneeling. It’s around progress, man. Us all get hung up on this other deal. That’s not what this is about, if we deserve to just emphasis on appreciating life, appreciating human being (and) not judging by the outer skin.”

In a thesis released last fall at the college of Missouri entitled, “A study of the Kansas City Chiefs Crisis communication During the national Anthem Protests,” author Devan Collins writes as soon as referring to the events of 2017: “The Chiefs never ever directly cite or address the anthem protests in their articles, permit alone to apologize on instead of of the players participating or the organization itself, but rather merely promote what they (the Chiefs) had actually been law in the community.”


Ryan Kang/AP
FILE—Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters (22) warms up before an NFL soccer game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017, in Carson, Calif. The Chiefs defeated the Chargers, 24-10. (Ryan Kang via AP)
The season ~ Peters was traded (and with Mahomes currently officially the beginning quarterback), the Chiefs were intent on focusing solely on football and also avoiding any kind of talk that off-the-field social issues.

For his part, Tyrann Mathieu invested the tumultuous 2016 and also 2017 periods with the Arizona Cardinals, totally aware the what Kaepernick and others who followed tried to convey come the NFL.

He concedes now that he might have been much more vocal himself at the time, bue he says he was an ext conscious that his own career.

“For me, it was about continuing to turn a specific corner,” says Mathieu now. “It to be (about) making me a much better person, trying to be the ideal teammate and also trying to avoid an unfavorable headlines.”

Mahomes suspects there may be some blowback indigenous his black Lives issue message. But he also seems secure sufficient with his stature as one of the league’s brightest stars to withstand any objections.

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Entering his fourth season in the NFL, Mahomes, too, thinks enough is enough.

“I think it to be a culmination of seeing all this happen and also wanted it come stop,” claimed Mahomes. “I wanted united state to find a better way of staying clear of these instances come happen.”