The whole landscape that the NFL changed when Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016. Because then, plenty of NFL players have adhered to suit. That has sparked debate from both sides around whether kneeling throughout the national anthem serves together a authorize of disrespect come the armed forces or the flag. Recently, NFL legend Brett Favre sent out a solid message around players kneeling.

Considering the eco-friendly Bay Packers icon last play in the NFL a decade ago, it might seem odd come hear native Favre on this issue. But given his wide range of suffer inside NFL locker rooms, probably his opinion carries part weight when mentioning the controversial subject of NFL football player kneeling.

Colin Kaepernick changed everything by acquisition a knee

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It seemed choose Colin Kaepernick had just started to scratch the surface of his potential once everything pertained to a crashing halt. A breakout star because that the san Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick led the formation to a Super bowl berth in simply his 2nd season. Yet, simply a few years later, he would seal his NFL fate by taking a knee during the national anthem.

The peaceful form of protest brought about both praise and also criticism. Supporters applauded Kaepernick because that shedding irradiate on police brutality, gyeongju inequality, and also criminal justice issues. Doubters blasted the 49ers QB for disrespecting the military and also the flag by taking a knee.

It transforms out the by acquisition a knee, Kaepernick expense himself his NFL career. He has never thrown a pass since the 2017 playoffs. Despite he has been loosely connected to a few teams, not a solitary NFL owner has actually signed the former dual-threat star to a contract.

Meanwhile, athletes approximately the world have continued to kneel as a sign of protest. In the wake up of George Floyd’s death, the practice has actually only become more popular. In fact, Kaepernick motivated other NFL players, and pro and also amateur athletes about the world, come not only take a knee but additionally do much more to influence change.

Brett Favre sends strong message around NFL football player kneeling

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Perhaps no problem has been as divisive together athletes kneeling throughout the national anthem. Once it concerns NFL players, plenty of have adhered to in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps.

With the 2020 NFL season draw close quickly, that has actually once again put the kneeling concern on the stand. ~ all, that seems likely that numerous NFL players will proceed to take it a knee during the anthem. For Brett Favre, who spent two years in the organization playing for four franchises, the consequences within one NFL locker room if a player kneels will be interesting to watch.

“I know from gift in one NFL locker room because that 20 years, nevertheless of race, background, money you flourished up with, us were every brothers it no matter,” Favre said. “Guys got along great. Will that it is in the same (with kneeling scenario)? ns don’t know. If one guy chooses to was standing for his cause and another male chooses come kneel because that his cause, is one right and the various other wrong? i don’t think so. We have tendency to be addressed on highs. (H/T USA Today)

Favre clarified that it’s not his place to say what’s appropriate or what’s wrong. However, he firmly declared that we should all be cure equally before adding, “If you can’t do that, friend shouldn’t it is in in America.”

Ultimately, the Packers legend doesn’t think a appropriate answer exists through the kneeling debate. The did regulate to amount it increase in these basic terms:

“The best answer is that us all acquire along. That seems choose the an ext people try, the more damage is done.”

NFL players can honor victims v their helmets this season

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Brett Favre’s strong statement top top NFL football player kneeling definitely drives home crucial point. In ~ the end of the day, athletes have actually the flexibility to express their opinion. Just because someone disagrees does not make a particular kind of protest best or wrong.

But if NFL players desire to contact attention come police brutality victims, they deserve to do for this reason in a different way than kneeling. This season, the NFL will enable players come wear decals on your helmets the the surname of victims of systemic racism.

Additionally, coaches can wear patches on their hats to respect victims. The league will also stencil “It takes every one of Us” and “End Racism” ~ above all finish zone boundaries for home openers.

For Colin Kaepernick, this measure have to hit home. After ~ all, he gave up his NFL career to carry attention to urgent issues.

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We will only see an ext athletes speak up and follow in his footsteps moving forward.