Fans of The Waltons most likely didn’t realize the Richard Thomas’ real-life girlfriend was John-Boy’s, too.

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Do girlfriend remember Jenny Pendleton? She showed up on The Waltons for two episodes. John-Boy adored her. And there to be a factor for that. Richard thomas dated actress Sian Barbara Allen because that years.

In fact, Thomas driven for his girlfriend come play Jenny Pendleton. On The Waltons, Jenny appeared on 2 episodes at an early stage in the series.

They to be “The Love Story” in season one and also “The Thanksgiving Show” in season two. Officially, Jenny to be John-Boy’s 2nd girlfriend. She and also her family members moved away from Jefferson County, Va. But they returned gradually for John-Boy’s courtship the Jenny. John-Boy wanted to marry her.

The two Met top top Movie set Before The Waltons

The 2 met in real life, pre-Waltons, if making the 1972 movie You’ll favor My Mother. Allen play Kathleen, a mentally-challenged young woman. Richard cutting board played she psychopathic brother. Allen earn a gold Globe nomination for most Promising new Actress. Thomas stepped approximately John-Boy. He winner an Emmy Award and two gold Globes because that playing john Boy. Cutting board earned his Emmy off among the illustration he shared with Allen.

It’s unclear as soon as Thomas and also Allen broke up. Thomas didn’t choose to talk around his exclusive life.

He as soon as told reporters:

“I constantly throw the end my old quote around sex: ‘Nothing is much more exciting than your very own sex life, and nothing is an ext boring than others, so i spare human being the gory details of mine own, which ns pleased come say is to just fine in ~ the moment.’

“My an excellent romance right now is v my house and also my very own time,” the said. “Do you realize because that somebody that was reared ~ above the 15th floor the a 96th Street apartment what it’s choose to have a house with roses, and a lemon tree that renders lemons’?”

But that married Alma Gonzales in 1975 as soon as he was in his last season with The Waltons. The two had a son named Richard Francisco. Then the couple became parents to triplets — Pilar, Barbara, and also Gwyneth. They were born in 1981. The couple divorced in 1993.

Thomas married art dealer Georgiana Bischoff in 1994.

Allen also married and had a daughter. She finished her acting career to raise she daughter. Allen’s last role as an actress to be an episode of L.A. Law in 1986.

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