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lot attention has actually been offered to the case made through the former platoonmates the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl that he is partially to blame because that the deaths of six soldiers who were eliminated in the month after Bergdahl disappeared.

some soldiers have gone therefore far regarding say the six passed away while in search of Bergdahl. Rather say he is indirect to reprimand – after ~ Bergdahl vanished, essentially every operation ended up being a mission to find their lost colleague in one method or another, castle say.

“I can’t yes, really say ns blame Bergdahl come the fullest extent,” previous Staff Sgt. Justin Gerleve, Bergdahl’s formation leader, told critical week, “but if that wouldn’t have deserted us, these soldiers an extremely well can have remained in a various place at a various time, quite than the location at the moment of their death.”


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Soldiers killed after Bergdahl left unit

Interviews with soldiers familiar with the specific missions in which the six passed away suggest the fee is facility – but not there is no merit offered how lot the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment came to be focused top top “PR” – personnel recovery – after Bergdahl vanished indigenous his guard article on June 30, 2009.


Bergdahl's 5 years in bondage


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Bergdahl's friend: I want to know why


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new hope for U.S. Soldier held captive

“The truth of the issue is, as soon as those soldiers were killed, they would not have been where they to be at if Bergdahl had actually not have left,” said former Sgt. Evan Buetow, Bergdahl’s former team leader. “Bergdahl leaving readjusted the mission.”

Those charges were repeated by a noncommissioned officer who asked for anonymity because he is quiet in the Army, one who explained himself together a two-time voter for President Obama, lest anyone think his comments were political in any type of way.

“If Bergdahl hadn’t left it’s totally plausible the they wouldn’t have had actually those follow-on objectives or been whereby they were,” claimed the NCO, who offered in the 501st.

Some additionally argue that the personnel restore mission angry the neighborhood population, and created trends in troops’ activity that made insurgent strikes easier.

nobody of that has actually been enough to quell doubters who suspicion the soldiers that smearing Bergdahl and exaggerating the role his loss played in the deaths of the 6 men.

A new York time story cited by doubters of the soldiers native the 501st now calling Bergdahl a deserter doesn’t go into much detail about the six males from Bergdahl’s battalion, instead concentrating on a separate assault that eliminated two mortarmen.

Defense Secretary lining Hagel stated he didn’t “know of scenarios or details of U.S. Soldiers dying together a an outcome of initiatives to find and also rescue Sgt. Bergdahl.”

A U.S. Main told last week that Pentagon and also Army officials have actually looked in ~ the claims, and “right currently there is no evidence to earlier that up.”

The six men eliminated were in the 501st Infantry. All of them were killed in Paktika district between respectable 18 and September 6, 2009, after the extreme initial search for Bergdahl concluded yet within the two- to three-month period when, by account from more than 20 members the the 501st, basically every mission in the province had a PR ingredient to it. Among those killed was indigenous Comanche Company, two of those killed were in Bergdahl’s Blackfoot Company, 3 were native Headquarters Company.

The 6 soldiers at center of Bowe Bergdahl dispute

here are the circumstances and also details, gleaned from interviews with more than a dozen troops in the 501st, all of whom stated they were motivated entirely by getting the fact out, regardless of the politics.

1) august 18, 2009 – staff Sgt. Clayton Bowen and also Pfc. Morris pedestrian were eliminated by an IED

Bowen and also Morris were component of Headquarters Company, but attached come Comanche Company, i m sorry “was conducting a recon of polling website in order come prepare because that the election on august 20,” recalls a previous officer indigenous the 501st, one of whom explains his politics as left the center yet who asked no to it is in named due to the fact that of the rhetoric and accusations being leveled against troops who served with Bergdahl.

In the aftermath of the initial find for Bergdahl, called DUSTWUN (for DUTY STATUS: WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN), the officer recalls, “there were plenty of polling website that had to it is in closed due to the fact that security to be so poor. Your platoon slept overnight at a far site, and when they began rolling again the next morning, an IED detonated.

A 501st soldier with Comanche firm recalled the maker “had been situated right under their right earlier tire.”

The mission was no specifically concentrated on personnel recovery yet the officer claimed he believes Bergdahl’s disappearance played miscellaneous of a duty in the attack since this “was the pure worst part of western Paktika province, and it to be the subject of plenty of air attacks in July” that were directly focused top top Bergdahl. “I think those added to the worsening security situation.”

Bowen, 29, to be from mountain Antonio, Texas. Walker, 23, was from Fayetteville, phibìc Carolina.

2) august 26, 2009 – staff Sgt. kurt Curtiss is eliminated by small arms fire

This incident arisen after the battalion received information that the Taliban shadow sub-governor that Sar Hawza district in Paktika district – a man who go by the name “Muslim” – had effectively taken a local clinic hostage together he received clinical treatment because that wounds that received during the election, follow to the previous officer from the 501st.

to the leadership of the 501st, the name “Muslim” motivated an immediate an answer as he to be supposedly associated to Bergdahl’s captors, the previous officer said.

one intelligence source told the incident involved a commander v the terror Haqqani network, working straight for Mullah Sangin Zadran, the Paktika zero governor, widely thought to have actually Bergdahl in his custody. “He was vital as component of the mission to gain to Bergdahl,” the resource said.

The previous 501st officer echoed the detail: “The relationship to Bergdahl made the a priority target.”

The 4th Platoon indigenous Delaware agency was sent to grab the Taliban official. Some from the insurgent group surrendered, however “Muslim” was i do not have anything to it is in found.

“Curtiss took his squad to find an empty building nearby to the clinic that the Afghan national Police had supposedly cleared,” the officer recalled. “It to be empty, however a warehouse room door was wedged shut. He and also his formation kicked in the door, and Curtiss was the first guy in.”

Troops there the day say “Muslim” had been in the room hiding with three bodyguards, who shot Curtiss.

Additionally, 501st resources say, the insurgents threw Curtiss’ grenades in ~ the squad, after i beg your pardon a two-hour firefight ensued – one that ended with Apache helicopters strafing the building. The building caught fire and also killed all the insurgents other than for one bodyguard, that was severely wounded. Curtiss’ body to be recovered before the fire.

Curtiss, 27, was from Salt Lake City, and also had currently done two deployments in Iraq. That left behind a wife, son and daughter.

3) September 4, 2009 – 2nd Lt. Darryn Andrews and also Pfc. Matthew Michael Martinek are attacked by one IED and a rocket-propelled grenade

Andrews and Martinek were in Bergdahl’s company, Blackfoot, and were in the town of Palau, just exterior of Yaya Kayhl, one of the last locations where Bergdahl was thought to have gone. After Bergdahl disappeared, neighborhood Afghans and intercepted insurgent chatter placed him in the area, according to multiple sources with the 501st.

Andrews and Martinek were there to conduct atmospherics – basically inspect anything and everything approximately Palau.

follow to several sources in Blackfoot Company, amongst the plenty of questions those soldiers want answered was: whereby is Bergdahl? Where room the men who have actually him? to be Palau associated with the insurgents – who by then it was thought – had actually transported Bergdahl to Pakistan?

however the platoon struggle an IED. In the aftermath, a swarm of soldiers tried to hook the vehicle up come chains because that the wrecker and also were stuck the end there for hrs on end. In the midst of the effort, one RPG fight them and an insurgent ambush began, follow to multiple soldiers v Blackfoot company.

andrews yelled the the RPG was coming and also knocked a bunch of males out the the way. “Jason clock out,” were stated to have actually been his last words, soldiers told Andrews’ father. He was eliminated instantly.

The ambush carried relentless quantities of RPG and also heavy pho fire on the platoon. Martinek was trying to call for air support when he take it a severely debilitating artillery round. He lived long enough to get to Landstuhl in Germany wherein he was taken turn off life support and died top top September 11.

various other members that the platoon faced severe wounds, indigenous a jaw swollen off, come deafness, to major psychological concerns from that day, according to resources in Blackfoot company and the 501st. It wasn’t a officially DUSTWUN mission, however it no unrelated, the previous 501st officer said.

Moreover, states Buetow, Blackfoot this firm mission tasking was about to change.

“We to be told us were relocating south come start focusing on another area the the province,” Buetow says. “Our four-day mission come Observation post Mest to be going to be our last pilgrimage out there before moving south. Bowe Bergdahl left, so us then continued to be in the area for several more months. We remained in the area since Bergdahl was last known to be in the area. If he had actually never deserted, Andrews and Martinek would certainly not have been top top patrol in that area.”

Andrews, 34, to be from Dallas. He and his wife had actually a 2-year-old son and also were expecting their second child once he to be killed. Martinek, 20, was from Dekalb, Illinois.

Andrews’ heroism eats at previous Spc. Jose Baggett, a member of Blackfoot Company. “He driven a sergeant out of the way” that the RPG, “and now I’m grounding watching” Bergdahl obtain attention from politicians, the military and also the media “and castle dead and he’s alive.”

4) September 5, 2009 – employee Sgt. Michael Murphrey is hit by an IED

Da Dila Panegir town was part of an area that had actually been subject to searches during the DUSTWUN, and Comanche firm was charged v trying to victory the locals back. The day they performed a foot patrol to hand the end supplies and also meet with the leaders. In the course of the mission, Murphrey stepped top top a pressurized plate the unleashed an IED and also was severely wounded; he passed away at Forward operation Base Sharana’s hospital the next day.

that mission “wasn’t specific search, it was a ‘Keep her eyes the end for Bowe Bergdahl when you’re there,’” said previous Spc. Joseph Cox the Comanche Company, who calls Murphrey his finest friend and also squad leader.

and also yet, the strongness of the DUSTWUN search had likewise enraged Afghans, soldiers said.

“Our platoon alone conducted an ext than 20 placed missions operations within three days. Over there were substantial insertions to discover him,” Cox said.

“This mission was probably the least related come Bergdahl” of the four missions, the previous officer said, “but that was certainly in an area formerly targeted – an area where they already hated us before, yet hated us more because of the search.”

Murphrey, 25, left behind a wife, son, and also daughter.

Pentagon spokesman rear Adm. John Kirby had actually no particular comment around the 4 operations.

“Each fatality in battle is tragic in its own right,” Kirby said. “We will constantly keep in our thoughts and prayers those we have actually lost, and their families. The military will review the circumstances neighboring Sgt. Bergdahl’s disappearance and captivity. Our focus right now is ~ above making certain Sgt. Bergdahl it s okay the care he needs to recover and also reunite v his family.”