Twenty years ago, the world was shook through the 9/11 new York terror attacks. This man dropped 18 floors and miraculously survived.

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It’s difficult to forget wherein you were on September 11, 2001, the feeling of horror and also utter disbelieve in ~ what to be happening – the biggest terrorist attack our generation and also perhaps the civilization – had ever before witnessed.

The ensuing 24-hour coverage was tough to ever before forget.

However, for those there on the day, the mental and emotional scars are daunting to heal.


The an initial of the 4 co-ordinated terrorist strikes – orchestrated by Osama bin Laden, founder the the too much militant Islamic terrorist organisation al-Qaeda – hit the north Tower of the world Trade Center elafilador.netplex in reduced Manhattan at 8.46am, simply as ordinary workers were starting their work on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

In total, 2996 civilization lost their lives after the day in horrific scenes – orchestrated by the now deceased Osama bin Laden, founder of the excessive militant Islamic terrorist organisation al-Qaeda – that have never been witnessed before or since.

Countless others were injured, families were torn apart and many still endure two decades later native the trauma of the day.

The pair towers of human being Trade facility burn after two planes crashed right into each building. Picture: Stan Honda

Miraculously, some lived elafilador.nete tell the tale.

New Yorker Pasquale Buzzelli, whose mam Louise at the time was 7 months pregnant through their very first child, a daughter named Hope – was one of those people.

A structural engineer through the port Authority, Pasquale had actually just came down on work, and also was make his method to his office top top the 64th floor that the north Tower that the human being Trade Centre.

The pair towers that the world Trade center burn behind the empire State structure in brand-new York.

“The elevator started to, to move, and we began to walk up, and also then, all of a sudden, the lamp flickered, the elevator shook, uh it felt choose it dropped, maybe, you know, a foot or so, and also uh, we simply looked at every other, like, ‘What, friend know, what just happened?’” he told 60 Minutes.

Unknown elafilador.nete Pasquale at the time, 29 floors above, American Airlines trip 11 had actually ripped through one of the world’s many iconic buildings.

So I dubbed her and I said, “Louise,” ns said, “Don’t it is in alarmed, I’m okay, everything’s fine, just, can you placed the tv on, and also tell me what girlfriend see, and she goes, ‘Oh my god,’ she goes, ‘A plane hit your building.’”

Pasquale was among only two civilization who dropped with the towers and survived and also one of only 16 that would it is in rescued native the rubble.

He fell 18 floors together the phibìc Tower collapsed, satellite on a small concrete slab, and miraculously, survived.

He had a damaged foot and a couple of burns and also scrapes yet remarkably to be otherwise unharmed.

“I tho remember the smell, i still remember the sounds,” Pasquale said Channel 9’s 60 Minutes’ Tara Brown.

“I might – pretty much run through it in mine head, girlfriend know, action by step, friend know, uh, prefer a video.”

Before his fall, his wife, Louise, said, Pasquale referred to as home because that a second time.

New Yorker, Pasquale Buzzelli, said 60 Minutes just how he dropped 18 storeys during the 9/11 human being Trade center terror attack and survived.

”I said ‘Where space you,’ and he said, “I’m, I’m still here, I’m here,’ and also I said, ‘You’re tho in the building?’

“I said, ‘Get out, why are you tho there, and I’m for this reason angry,’ girlfriend know, and he was like, ‘No, no, the floor is fine. It’s OK up here.’

But urged on through the odor of smoke indigenous the fire burning above, Pasquale establish it was time elafilador.nete go.

“And we said, friend know, what the F? ‘What space we tho doing here’ ok lets obtain out that here.

“We gathered everything, uh flashlight, we wet down some towels and also stuff, and we began our way down the stairs.”

At 9.59am, the south Tower all of sudden collapsed.

By currently in the stairwell the the phibìc tower Pasquale and his co-workers felt the building shake yet at the point, they to be still fully unaware the south Tower had broke down or that the damaging danger they to be in

“So we, we ongoing our method down, we passed, firemen they just said, you know, “Keep going, it’s a directly run, store going, keep going, ”Pasquale said.

“And then, we went down probably coupla much more flights, and also it was, ~ above the 22nd floor that every one of a sudden, you know, whatever started elafilador.nete shake.

I heard screaming, girlfriend know, world behind me screaming, and also then, just everything went dark.”

New York City firefighters occupational amid debris ~ the terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001. Picture: Mark/Lennihan/AP

“The structure started to shake violently. Ns heard every the, the according to rumbling indigenous above, ns dove into a corner, and I gained into a foetal position, and also just hidden myself up against a corner, therefore if anything huge or hefty was falling, at least I had actually two political parties that can protect me.

“I feeling the wall surface that i was laying next to, just crack and the floor provide away, and also I remained tucked in the foetal place with my eye closed.

“I feel this, this wind rush, together I to be falling and, girlfriend know, this abrasive, sandblaster kind feeling, and I just stayed tucked in, ns was being knocked around. Ns saw, girlfriend know, a few flashes of irradiate from being knocked in the head. I simply remember saying, friend know, ‘I can’t believe this is how, mine god, ns can’t believe this is exactly how I’m gonna die.’

“Uh, you know, i thought around my wife, my unborn boy ... And, girlfriend know, i said, ‘Please just God please take care of them and make that a rapid death.’”

Two women organize each other as they clock the world Trade centre burn elafilador.netplying with the September 11 terrorist attack on the twin high-rises in brand-new York.

Reflecting back, Pasquale said, “I tho remember the feeling, you know, cost-free falling. As soon as I woke up and I opened up my eyes. I was like, ‘This is impossible, ns don’t know just how I can have perhaps survived that?’”

His wife, Louise, said, “You feel like, so much life has happened in this time, right? but then it feels choose it was just yesterday.”

Pascale added, “To be over there in the days immediately after the assaults was a surreal experience.

“There were so many accounts the split-second decision that intended the difference in between life and death.

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“Everybody said, ‘Oh, you, you know, you’re lively for a reason, you must survive because that a reason, you’re right here to execute some impressive things.’

“… I just wanted to have a normal life – and, and also be there for our family.

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“I mean, i guess I want to make sure I didn’t screw up, you know,” that added, laughing.