Janice Brooks, the ‘Dust Lady’, Brian Clark, and Jay Jonas are simply some that the human being who live to tell an incredible, harrowing story

British 9/11 survivor zenith Brooks has recounted her harrowing story of the September 11 strikes to a brand-new Sky News podcast to note the 20th anniversary that the attacks.

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Brooks functioned for global brokerage certain Euro Brokers in the south Tower that the complex, and had just arrived at job-related on the 84th floor as soon as she heard “an almighty bang.”

"I was knocked to the side, i didn"t autumn down however I was jostled come the side," she said. "Then ns heard this almighty screaming sound, a mrs screaming the scream of nightmares.

“It"s a scream the I have the right to still hear in my head... She walked through the door and also her eye were complete of blood."

Firstly, the parameters of what constitutes a survival of the occasion are unclear: walk a human being who lived only a handful of blocks away constitute a survivor, or a witness?

In state of straight results the the attacks, much more than 6,000 human being sustained injuries, while 2,977 human being were killed.

Those that were in ~ Ground Zero throughout the occasion - and could because of this undoubtedly be labelled together “survivors” - room still living through the results of what happened two decades later.

As of august 2013, clinical authorities concluded that 1,140 human being who worked, lived, or studied in reduced Manhattan at the moment of the strike had been diagnosed v cancer as a result of “exposure to toxins at soil Zero”.

It has likewise been reported that over 1,400 rescue workers who responded to the step in the days and also months after the attacks have since died, and also at the very least 10 pregnancies were lost as a an outcome of 9/11.

A complete of end 33,000 police officers, firefighters and also community members have been treated for injuries and also sickness regarded the 9/11 attacks in new York City.

Their ailments encompass respiratory conditions, mental health difficulties like PTSD and also depression, and gastrointestinal conditions.

Marcy boundaries covered in dust together she takes refuge in an office structure after one of the people Trade centre towers collapsed in brand-new York (Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images)

Among castle is Marcy Borders, an American legit assistant who functioned on the 81st at the financial institution of America situated in the civilization Trade Centre.

A photographer captured photo of Borders, fully covered in dust indigenous the building’s collapse, that brought about her coming to be known as "The Dust Lady".

Borders to be diagnosed v stomach cancer in respectable 2014, and also believed her condition was motivated by the toxicity dust she was exposed to following the building’s collapse.

No one survived in or above the influence area in the phibìc Tower, and also only 18 world escaped indigenous the influence zone that the south Tower ~ it to be struck - nobody escaped native the floors above it.

One of the survivors indigenous the south Tower to be Brian Clark, a Canadian businessman who additionally worked ~ above the 84th floor because that Euro Broker.

After trip 175 to win the tower, Clark and also seven various other employees top top his floor started to descend Stairwell A.

They make it to the 81st floor, as soon as they were met through a woman and also a man, that warned them there to be flames and also smoke more down.

Clark and also his coworkers questioned what to perform next, and also as the group stood deliberating, a scream for aid caught Clark"s attention.

While he visited look for the person in need of aid, Clark’s coworkers began to go up the stairs to the roof. That team would all shed their stays that day.

Clark had the ability to make it the end of the southern Tower - he also rescued Fuji bank employee Stanley Praimnath, who was pinned underneath some debris, ~ above his means down - v just four minutes to spare prior to the building collapsed.

(Image: JPIMedia/elafilador.net)

After the towers collapsed, only 23 people in or listed below the towers escaped native the debris, including 15 rescue workers.

16 people survived the please of the north Tower; lock were every trying to evacuate via stairwell B situated in the center of the building.

One that those to be firefighter Jay Jonas, that told The Sun exactly how he, his crew and also other survivors to be trapped in the stairwell together the building came crashing down approximately them.

Recalling poking his head out from the rubble, that remembered saying: “Guys, there offered to it is in 106 floors over our top — currently I see sunshine. Ns think we’re on height of the civilization Trade Centre”.

“I couldn’t think what ns was ­seeing. I observed what was left that the facade of the exterior that the human being Trade Centre. It to be eerie. You can see smoke and also a vast rubble field. The looked like we just got bombed.”

Some who uncovered themselves trapped by rubble to be able to make it through for more than a day; the critical survivor gotten rid of from the fallen debris was found in the ruins of the north Tower 27 hours after that collapse.

Others were no so lucky, and also an unknown number of people who made it through the early collapse, yet were buried in wait pockets in ~ the rubble, might not it is in rescued in time.

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