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Grande carry out "Love Me Harder" through The Weeknd; Davidson was presented as the "resident young person" ~ above the "SNL" "Weekend Update." Ariana Grande/Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Fans have theorized that Grande and Davidson in reality met virtually four years before their engagement, once Grande was the music guest ~ above "Saturday Night Live." Coincidentally, that illustration was additionally Davidson"s debut together a cast member top top the map out comedy show.

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According come fans who attended Davidson"s surprised stand-up display on July 21, 2018, he confirmed that the couple originally met in 2014 and became closer when Grande held "SNL" two years later.

March 2016: Grande held "Saturday Night Live" and publicly interacted with Davidson because that the an initial time.


Davidson and also Grande onstage throughout the singer's opened monologue. NBC

At the time, both Davidson and Grande were in relationship with other people.

Grande later on opened up around meeting Davidson ~ above "SNL" around "two, three years ago" throughout an figure on "The this evening Show."

"We never exchanged number or anything, us weren"t even friends for the longest time, yet I had the greatest crush in the whole world on him the entirety time — prefer forever. Like, mine friends supplied to make fun of me because that it," Grande said Jimmy Fallon.

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"I"m not a crush-y person, ns don"t have, like, crushes on civilization I don"t know," she continued. "But i left and I jokingly said to my tour manager, ns was like, "I"m marrying him. A hundred percent.""

November 2017: Davidson wore Grande's top "Dangerous Woman" mask for a "SNL" skit.


If this to be unintentional, it's awfully coincidental. NBC /

Long before any fans or news outlets recorded a whiff of the connection in between Davidson and Grande, the sneakily paid tribute to his future girlfriend.

The skit, simply referred to as "Beck and Kyle," contained a spoofed "SNL" masquerade cast party. Davidson is displayed at 2:41 wearing a bunny mask the looks suspiciously comparable to Grande"s on she "Dangerous Woman" album cover.

April 20, 2018: Grande post the final photo with her then-boyfriend, Mac Miller.


The pair had been officially dating since September 2016.

Shortly ~ a surprise performance at Coachella, Grande post a picture looking an extremely loved-up through her boyfriend of over two years, the late rapper Mac Miller. She has because deleted the photo — despite it"s unclear as soon as she did, and other romantic photos through Miller remain.

"Very proud the this girl appropriate here. Welcome back. We missed you," fearbut tweeted around Grande soon after she left the stage. He also later deleted the message.

According to civilization magazine, the pair officially split after Coachella, however they had actually been struggling v their relationship over the vault year. A separate source corroborated this report for us Weekly.

"Ariana to be holding Mac with each other for a long time and it wasn"t a great relationship for her," the resource told united state Weekly.

April 21: Davidson said the crowd throughout a stand-up power he would more than likely marry his girlfriend.

Davidson and also Cazzie David attend the 2017 MTV video clip Music Awards. Christopher Polk/Getty images

Davidson performed at Kenyon university in Ohio and mentioned marrying his girlfriend at the time.

According to Refinery29 reporter Kathryn Lindsay, that attended Kenyon College, multiple resources in attendance "shared conflict reports around whether or not he referenced by name."

Attendees presume he to be referring come his girlfriend of about two years, Cazzie David — and Davidson did check that he was still dating David in a video for Complex, posted on April 30.

"You"re date Larry David"s daughter, Cazzie," host Joe La Puma stated, seemingly catching Davidson off guard.

"Yes. I"m a an extremely lucky guy," Davidson replied.

May 3: Davidson's then-girlfriend posted the final photo of the pair together.

There room no picture of David top top Davidson's Instagram account.

David, a writer and the daughter of well known comedian Larry David, merely captioned the photograph "Bffs" through a heart emoji.

David has because revealed the Davidson dumped her v a text message, simply one day before she learned that was dating Grande through Instagram.

David called the Los Angeles Times that she had determined to take it a rest from their 2 1/2-year relationship, however quickly backpedaled and also realized the it wasn"t what she wanted.

But once she dubbed him days later on to rekindle the relationship, that told her that he to be "the the happiest he had ever been."

Two work later, she stated he damaged up through her for an excellent via a text message.

May 7: Davidson and also Grande had actually their first date and an initial kiss.

Davidson in a "SNL" sketch with Donald Glover on may 5; Grande at the Met Gala on may 7. will certainly Heath/NBC / Jason Kempin/Getty images

Grande said Ebro Darden throughout an respectable interview on win 1, the she "reconnected" through Davidson when she to be in new York law album promo, and her manager, Scooter Braun, to be going to visit Davidson backstage at "SNL."

"I said, "Tell the I stated hi," and he texted me, "Yo, it"s Pete," and we to be inseparable," Grande said.

Davidson likewise credited Braun through initiating your contact.

"Scooter said me she was rather interested in me," the told Howard Stern during a September interview. "I believed that he to be just full of s---."

Davidson revealed the he saw Grande"s apartment the night come hang out with common friends — insisting come Stern that it was no a day — and also had zero expectations. He claimed he wore sweatpants and also a T-shirt, when Grande to be "coming native the Met ," so she to be still dressed in her Sistine Chapel gown.

"I had to asking her girlfriend if it was OK if ns stayed. I was like, "Hey, I should leave, right? She hates me, right?" and he to be like, "No, i think you need to stay,"" he joked. Davidson stated he and also Grande play a foolish Libs-type game called Quiplash v 10 other civilization for around two hours before he do his move.

"I"m for this reason stupid and unaware of just how chemistry and all the stuff works. Ns literally to be like, "Hi, deserve to I kiss you please?"" that told Stern. "We played the game, everyone left, and also then it was simply me and her. And I was like, "Well, if over there was ever before a shot, it would be now. Walk for it.""

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TMZ reported the Grande and Miller — who started dating in 2016, 3 years ~ collaborating on their romantic hit single "The Way" — had actually grown apart but remained close friends.

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A job later, Grande evidenced their separation with an emotional Instagram story.

"I respect and also adore the endlessly and am grateful to have him in mine life in any kind of form, at every times regardless of just how our relationship alters or what the universe holds because that each of us! Unconditional love is no selfish. That is wanting the finest for that person also if in ~ the moment, it"s not you," Grande wrote. "I can"t wait come know and also support friend forever and I"m therefore proud the you!"