If comedy is the thing that conserves Pete Davidson — well, it likewise lost the Ariana Grande. But, hey, if she doesn’t gain the joke…

Ariana Grande went on a (now-deleted) Twitter tirade versus ex-fiancé Pete Davidson ~ Saturday Night Live exit a promo for this week’s present in which the fake proposes come singer Maggie Rogers.

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Harmless enough, right?

“For someone who claims to hate relevancy you certain love clinging to it huh," she wrote before adding, "thank you, next" and also "hell naw tho." she’s mad, in instance you missed it.

The clip exit on Thursday featured Pete alongside this week’s organize Jonah Hill, and musical guest Maggie Rogers. In it, a blue-haired Pete says, “Hey, Maggie, I"m Pete. Friend wanna obtain married?” i beg your pardon she decreases with a “no.” Pete then says, “0-for-three,” to express his canceled engagement v Ariana and a feasible engagement come his ex Cazzie David, daughter of comedian Larry David.

It seems this began to piss she off back when Pete appeared on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM satellite present on Sept. 24. Howard’s sidekick Robin Quivers has a theory — she stated she experienced Ariana (off-air in the studio) revolve ice cold once Howard and also Pete joked about how warm the singer looked at Aretha Franklin’s funeral right in front of her. Robin stated she picked up top top a emotion then that points wouldn’t last very long in between the two.

Cut to this season’s premiere of SNL ~ above September 30, where Pete play a huge role in the episode, mostly for joking about how he’s engaged to the sexy girl ever and had the ideal summer the his life, which is other Ariana can see as perhaps using her surname to increase his own fame. In other words, she didn’t prefer it one bit, no issue what his intentions were. Now that they’re over, the could certainly feel prefer he’s still using her name.

My opinion? Sorry, Ariana, but it’s funny. And he"s self-aware sufficient to establish it"s ridiculous. It’s additionally his job.

The two split in October after 4 months. Castle were involved just 4 weeks into dating.

At the very least we"ll always have the Pete Davidson song.

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