Proud mother! Ashlee Simpson has the cutest kids and the sweetest mixed family, particularly after welcoming baby No. 3.

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The “Pieces of Me” singer announced she was expecting a infant boy with her husband, Evan Ross, in April 2020. The pair already re-publishing a 4-year-old daughter, Jagger, whom they invited in 2015 after castle tied the node in 2014.

And in October 2020, Ashlee and Evan invited their son, Ziggy Blu Ross, with Ashlee creating on Instagram, “Our sweet boy has arrived! I’m end the MOON we room so Blessed!”


Ashlee is additionally mother to a teenage son Bronx, whom she shares through her ex-husband, Pete Wentz. The exes divorced in 2011 after 4 years the marriage, but they perform their ideal to coparent because that the benefits of their child.

“That’s prefer the easiest part of my life,” the autumn Out young musician told In Touch exclusively around their dynamic in October 2019. “She’s a great mom.”

In might 2020, a source previously told In Touch “Ashlee and also Pete’s coparenting routine is nice solid.” when they save a solid bond for their son, their family members seem to be great friends. The rocker even referred to as his ex “to offer his congratulations” complying with her pregnant announcement. “They have actually an amazing combined family,” the resource shared.

After the singer break-up from Ashlee, Pete relocated on v his girlfriend, Meagan Camper. The couple share two children together and also often spent time through his ex’s family. “Everyone it s okay along, Pete and Evan and also Ashlee and Meagan actually like each other,” the source explained. “All the kids get follow me pretty great. All the kids genuinely choose each other. Now they’ll have a brand-new kid to sign up with in on all the fun.”


Although Bronx is close with his dad and siblings, he also appears to have actually a special connection with his stepdad. “Always learning from the legend. BX,” Evan captioned a picture of him and his stepson in might 2020. Their distinct bond plainly fills Ashlee with joy and she newly gushed end their partnership for Father’s Day. “Your love is transmittable thank you because that being our rock. You space the biggest dad. You make every day so fun,” she wrote on Instagram in June.

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While Ashlee’s family members is unconventional, their house is certainly filled through a many love.

Scroll listed below to learn around each that Ashlee’s children. 

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1 the 4

Courtesy that Ashlee Simpson/Instagram


Bronx recently commemorated his 13th date of birth on November 21, 2021, and also to storage the occasion, Ashlee created on Instagram, “This is 13. Happy birthday Bronx! You space the coolest teenager. I LOVE YOU. Ns LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.”

Being Ashlee’s firstborn, Bronx definitely holds a special location in her heart. According to his stepdad, the elementary school schooler is “brilliant,” Evan told Us Weekly in respectable 2019. “I think he’s, like, around to it is in the next George Lucas his imagination.”



As because that Ashlee and also Evan’s daughter, Jagger, she is very an imaginative just prefer her famed parents. “When I’m functioning , she’s in there,” the kid of Diana Ross said the the tiny girl.“I’ll have to catch her since she can draw throughout the whole picture. She’s simply an artist, and she’s obtained an impressive voice.”


Ziggy Blu

After welcoming Ziggy Blu in October 2021, Ashlee has actually posted numerous photos of she newborn, including this snap the the mother-son pair enjoying part watermelon in the pool in July 2021. Earlier, in January, Ashlee wrote of breast-feeding him that it “was going therefore well until I noticed exactly how uncomfortable the was, crying and spitting up after almost every feed. Luckily, he to be still acquiring weight however I was left feeling confused and also guilty.”