There are some Hollywood mysteries the we may never acquire the price to, and also one that them requires Ashton Kutcher and the so late Brittany Murphy. Together the story goes, Kutcher and also Murphy very first hit it turn off on the set of their movie Just Married. Top top the release of the movie in 2003, Kutcher revealed come People the two began out as friends, however quickly became something much more.

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"When us were doing the movie, us were simply friends," claimed the Guess Who actor at the time. "We simply kind of started hanging the end more. And also now we"ve been hanging out a many more." The actor"s mom also chimed in, comparing their off-screen connection with your on-screen one. "It"s like, "Are those two even acting?"" said Kutcher"s mother, Dianne Portwood. "They act the same means here in ~ home. They"re always holding hands, goofing around, wrestling approximately on the floor the method people in love do. It makes a mother happy to view someone actually treatment for your boy as much as girlfriend do."

With date rumors confirmed, things only escalated as fans began to wonder if Brittany Murphy and also Ashton Kutcher were actually privately engaged.

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As manager of your joint film Just Married, Shawn Levy as soon as confessed the actors Ashton Kutcher and also Brittany Murphy to be "bouncing off each other, riffing, kidding around and also laughing" indigenous "the minute they met."

As the Hollywood couple slowly stepped out on the step in the beforehand 2000s, Kutcher and Murphy to be rumored to be engaged, with the couple wearing corresponding rings, according to Bustle. Levy, who formerly gushed about the couple"s off-screen dynamic, refuse the rumors revealing the rings were essentially a part of part publicity stunt for the movie — yet were fans simply being Punk"d? We might never know.

The celebrity couple reportedly split after just a couple of months (via Entertainment Tonight). Top top Murphy"s tragic fatality in 2009, Kutcher told Nightline, "She was prefer the human who walked in the room and also she was always the an initial person come dance. You know when you walk to a party and also everybody is stand around, and the music is walk — and also you recognize sooner or later everyone is going come dance. She was constantly the an initial person to dance." that added, "And i just try to attach to that and celebrate that she was and also how she was, and also not make feeling of it, "cause there is no feeling of making feeling of it."