Anthony Bourdain’s producer ‘did not think in a million years’ he would kill himself

Asia Argento is remembering she late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain on what would have been his 65th birthday.

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On Friday, the Italian actress shared a series of photos and videos come Instagram, consisting of shots the the couple hugging and also a closeup of Bourdain’s wrist tattoo reading “damaged.”

Argento also posted numerous sweet videos the the previous chef cooking — and one particularly poignant clip that the “Kitchen Confidential” scribe looking right into the camera and saying wistfully, “I’m cold and also I wish i was v you now.”

“Celebrating the most incredible guy I have ever met,” she wrote. “Missing girlfriend every day. Cherishing each minute we mutual in our life together. I feel her presence and also your strength. You shine for this reason bright in ~ me. Ns love you my A. Happy birthday ❤️”

The couple met in 2016 once Argento, 45, appeared on his CNN travel and also cooking display “Parts Unknown.”

Argento shared photo of Bourdain’s wrist with the tattoo ‘damaged’.Instagram

The “Queen Margot” actress discovered herself top top the receiving end of a backlash ~ Bourdain’s 2018 death, accusing her of contributing come Bourdain’s suicide with her infidelity.

Two months after his death, Argento spoke out.

“People say i murdered him. They say I eliminated him. I know that the human being needs to discover a reason. I would choose to uncover a reason too,” she said in a DailyMailTV interview.

“People should think that he eliminated himself because that something choose this. The cheated ~ above me too. It wasn’t a difficulty for us.”

She continued, “He was a man who travel 265 work a year. When we saw each other, us took really great pleasure in every other’s presence, however we are not children. We space grown-ups.”

“What I perform feel terrible around is that he had so much pain inside of him and also I didn’t check out it. Ns did not see it and also for that, I will certainly feel guilty because that the rest of mine life,” she said.

On the anniversary the Bourdain’s passing critical year, Argento posted a raw photograph of herself with tear-filled, puffy eyes.

“You desire pain? this is the pain. No filter needed. Two years there is no my love,” she captioned the stark image.

Last year on June 25, two of Bourdain’s cook pals, Éric Ripert and also Spanish chef José Andrés, urged fans to toast your late girlfriend on what they called #BourdainDay.

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A documentary film about Bourdain, titled “Roadrunner: A Film about Anthony Bourdain,” will be released on July 16.