Audrey Hepburn is among the couple of Hollywood icons who will truly go down in history. She died in 1993 at simply sixty-three leaving her two sons Sean and also Luca behind. Even though they to be both get an impressive up when their mother died, it to be still a terrible loss. This is what they space up to nowadays, twenty-six year after the Breakfast in ~ Tiffany"s star"s death.

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Audrey Hepburn (†63) to be married twice. Her an initial husband was actor and director Mel Ferrer (†90), who she married in 1954.

Audrey had actually just discovered fame, having actually starred in Roman Holiday and won an Oscar for her very very first role. After showing up in many silver display screen hits, she took a step back from exhilaration and specialized her time to family life when her kid Sean to be born in 1960.


Audrey Hepburn"s very first son Sean Hepburn Ferrer

Audrey Hepburn"s boy Sean Hepburn Ferrer (59) followed in his parents footsteps and additionally became a show business sensation, albeit as a producer and also not actor. His most successful tasks were the mini collection Cloudstreet and also the documentary Racehoss, i m sorry he likewise directed himself. After three failed marriages, he is currently happily married to his 4th wife Karin.


He writer a book around his mother, Audrey Hepburn: an Elegant Spirit, i beg your pardon was published in 2003. That revealed in one interview with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung the Audrey was not only "a mommy to him, but also a an excellent friend". Audrey"s sons intended the civilization to her and were more important to her than success, "my mother provided up she career to look after ~ me and my half brother Luca".


Audrey Hepburn"s second son Luca Dotti

Audrey Hepburn"s marital relationship to Mel Ferrer ended in 1968 and Sean moved in with his mother. Simply one year later, the gorgeous Audrey tied the knot as soon as again, marrying Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti (†69), whom she met whilst top top a Mediterranean cruise. Their son, Luca, to be born in 1970. Sadly their marital relationship did no last and, as soon as Luca was simply ten year old, Andrea and Audrey break-up up.

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Luca Dotti (49) also functions in the creative industry as a graphic designer. He, too, composed a book around the fond memories he has of his mother. In Audrey in ~ Home: storage of mine Mother"s Kitchen, he reveals his mother"s favourite recipes and dishes.