A little over 3 years after perfect its mega-acquisition of Cabela’s, Bass agree is looking to shake increase the hunt & Fish channel again through its agreement to gain the smaller sized Sportsman’s Warehouse chain. The salvation could carry out Bass Pro v a prime chance to capitalize top top unprecedented demand for the hunt & Fish category coming the end of the pandemic.

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As part of the agreement, good American outdoors Group, the newly named parent agency of Bass agree Shops, Cabela’s, White River maritime Group, and also its nature-based hospitality business, i agreeed to obtain Sportsman’s Warehouse for $18.00 every share in cash, valuing Sportsman’s Warehouse at around $800 million.

The price to represent a 42 percent premium versus Sportsman’s Warehouse’s closing price that $12.65 ~ above December 21, just prior to the transaction was announced.

Great American outdoors is the leading player in the hunt & Fish space, v sales of roughly $7.1 exchange rate in the twelve months finished September 26, according to standard & Poors. In the as whole sporting items space, the puts great American Outdoors just behind Dick’s Sporting Goods, which does about $8.8 billion in annual sales.

Great American outdoors operates 169 stores across Bass Pro and Cabela’s and generates an ext than 500 million access time to its website annually. Both bass Pro and also Cabela’s are known for their destination stores that double as entertainment venues and include aquariums, waterfalls, long walking trails, video game ranges and also taxidermied animals. The stores generally selection from 100,000 come 200,000 square feet. In Memphis, TN, base Pro’s largest store will 535,000 square feet when Cabela’s largest in Hamburg, PA top 250,000 square feet.

Sportsman’s Warehouse operates 112 save locations concentrating on the west U.S, and also sales room expected to it is in $377 million this year. The stores are considerably smaller and much more value-driven come present new opportunities for great American outdoors to with customers in smaller markets. The locations selection from 15,000 come 65,000 square feet, v an average size of around 40,000 square feet. The retailer is experimentation a smaller-format retail concept and also indoor range, at around 7,500 square feet, referred to as Legacy shooting Center.

Highly Complementary service PhilosophiesIn a statement, an excellent American Outdoors, i m sorry is privately-held, and also Sportsman’s Warehouse cited “similar histories and highly complementary business philosophies and geographic footprints” together the merger’s major drivers.

“Both entities share a passion with their customers because that fishing, camping, hunting, boating, and also other outdoor activities,” according to a statement. “Likewise, both are highly acclaimed retailers v well-deserved reputations because that a large offering of outstanding brand names and proprietary products, exceptional customer service, deeply knowledgeable team members, and an unwavering passion for conservation. Uniting with each other represents an extraordinary “win-win” chance for outdoor enthusiasts.”

The release promised Sportsman’s Warehouse client “widely broadened product offerings,” including Bass pro fishing tackle and also Cabela’s hunting gear. Sportsman’s Warehouse will additionally gain accessibility to great American Outdoors’ lineup of watercraft brands, side-by-sides and also ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), consisting of Tracker, Nitro, Ranger, and also Ascend Kayaks.

Store fulfillment is expected to advantage from the linked company’s network of distribution centers and stores. Broadened online services and also selection, localized merchandise, and “low prices – guaranteed,” v a price-match guarantee were likewise offered as benefits to Sportsman’s Warehouse customers.

Finally, conservation, a major focus for great American the end founder and group leader, Johnny Morris, is meant to obtain a an increase as the 2 retailers combine efforts.

“Today is a happy day because that our companies, outdoor enthusiasts and for the cause of conservation,” stated Morris in a statement. “As out sports experts with one unwavering dedication to human being who fish, hunt and also enjoy the outdoors, we greatly admire the passionate team at Sportsman’s Warehouse for their commitment to your customers and the sports we every love. By combining our ideal practices, we aim to provide our client a best-of-the-best suffer while additional uniting them to assistance conservation.”

Sportsman’s Warehouse CEO Jon Barker said in a statement, “We space excited to it is in joining the an excellent American the end Group. This closing brings with each other the best brands in the outdoor industry. Together we look come the future, the linked entities provide our passionate associates through greater opportunities to serve the out enthusiast. Ns couldn’t be more proud the the nearly 8,000 Sportsman’s Warehouse associates and also their success in building our brand over the critical 33 years. Us look forward to a smooth transition and structure our partnership.”

Shareholder and also Antitrust Approval AwaitsSportsman’s Warehouse’s plank unanimously authorized the mergers agreement. The transaction, i beg your pardon is expected to nearby in the second half of 2021, will be completed v a cash merger and also is subject to approval by Sportsman’s Warehouse’s shareholders, and also regulatory approvals and also other customary closing conditions. The transaction is not subject to any kind of financing condition. The reality will continue to operate independently until the transaction closes.

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A go-shop period to game other uses will run till January 31, 2021. If the deal falls through, Sportsman’s Warehouse might be forced to salary a termination fee in the selection of $9 million come $23 million, or an excellent American Outdoors group may be required to salary Sportsman’s Warehouse a termination fee of $55 million.