Bernie Sanders, a autonomous candidate because that the 2020 Presidential election, has actually recently purchased a 3rd home v his wife, Jane. A self-described autonomous Socialist, the 77-year-old Sanders has nonetheless been proving his understanding of capitalism in current years. Let united state take a look in ~ the three houses in Bernie’s modest yet respectable real estate portfolio.

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The new Lakeside vacation Home

Bernie Sanders is a Senator native Vermont, so it is no wonder that his brand-new house is in his home state. The $575,000 house sits together a lake in the Champlain Islands, in tiny North Hero, Vermont. The Sanders family will gain 500 feet of lake beachfront. Bernie and also his mam Jane have reportedly vacationed in the area plenty of times end the previous several years and will gain spending more quiet time there. The Sanders paid cash because that the residence – a combination of proceeds indigenous the sale of Jane’s share of a family home, money native Jane’s retirement account, and also an advancement from Bernie’s publication deal.

The Burlington early american Home

Bernie Sanders was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, before ending up being one of the state’s 2 Senators. That bought his Burlington early american home in 2009 for just over $400,000. The residential property is the Sanders’ primary residence, though it is sometimes used together a rental.

The Washington, D.C. Rowhouse

Bernie Sanders’ 3rd home is a functional and also strategic holding. Functioning in D.C. For plenty of months every year, as Sanders does, it only makes sense to very own a house there to avoid a killer commute. The 1890 rowhouse price Sanders $489,000, and it is situated only 3 blocks native the capital. It has appreciated to a worth of $562,500 in 2019.

Bernie’s real Estate Debt

While Sanders was able to pay cash because that his third home, that is conventionally leveraged for the various other properties. That has in between $250,001 and $500,000 in mortgage debt, and his two mortgages are 30 year in duration. Bernie Sanders do $400,000 in book royalties in 2018. His real estate holdings may seem like slightly lot for a principled Socialist, yet they look just right for an aging couple nearing retirement.

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