Linda Torres, who appeared on VH1’s reality series Big Ang and sometimes on Mob Wives, has actually died.Janine Detore, the sister of so late Big Ang star Angela Raiola, told TMZ that Torres died Thursday in ~ Staten Island college Hospital, soon after being diagnosed with Covid-19. She was 67.

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Big Ang, a spinoff the Mob Wives in i m sorry Raiola (Big Ang) appeared, aired for one season top top VH1 in 2012. Torres was a girlfriend of Raiola, and additionally appeared in cameos on Mob Wives. Raiola died five years ago of throat cancer.

Torres had actually undergone surgery recently complying with a diagnosis for chest cancer, follow to TMZ. She daughters had actually been caring for she after the surgery and also took her ago to the hospital ~ she occurred a fever, and she ultimately tested confident for coronavirus.

In an 2013 interview v Mikki might of MyEPK around Big AngandMob Wives, Torres said: “Big Ang is among my best friends because that 40 years. All the girl that we hang the end with, girlfriend know, we get together, we have actually parties, us shoot a lot of Patron, we laugh, we fight, us go out v a many young guys, we have actually a really great time.Mob Wivesis a little an ext serious. … In theBig Angshow, we’re very down to earth and also quiet, and we’re in search of fun and no drama. My big Ang is a no-drama mama, however I’m her little pit bull.”

Torres appears in the trailer for Big Ang below.

Erik Pedersen contributed to this report.

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