Bill Clinton was acquitted. The senate did no reach the 2/3"s bulk needed to fully process his impeachment.

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To further break that down.

Clinton was impeached by the home on two charges. The first being perjury, and the second being obstruction that justice.

Following this he was acquitted by the senate.

Wiki does that again!



The "impeachment" process takes ar in two steps.

First, a President needs to be impeached in the residence of Representatives. The is the identical of one "indictment."

Then, the president is tried in the Senate, v the chef Justice the the United says presiding. It needs a two-thirds vote of the Senate to remove one impeached president.

President Clinton was impeached in the home (on two counts) yet not removed by the Senate. Ditto because that President Andrew Johnson (who survived by one vote). Chairman Nixon resigned prior to the impeachment to be completed in the House since it to be clear that the Senate would have voted to remove him had actually the proceedings gone the far.

Put an additional way, chairman Clinton to be "indicted" (impeached), tried, and acquitted. The "acquitted" component meant that he walk not have to leave office.

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Simply put, invoice Clinton was impeached. The impeachment process is similiar to a cool Jury in i m sorry the residence stands together the jury and also decides even if it is or not adequate evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor is sufficent to revolve it end to psychological in the Senate. Therefore yes invoice Clinton to be impeached...but the Senate accquitted that so the was not ousted indigenous office.

Interestingly enough, the fees - which was perjury (lying under oath) - were enforced by the referee of the attempt in which he lied. Bill Clinton was fined and lost his license to practise law.

So while the was no punished by the Senate, the referee DID enforce the charge...which BTW was true...the court transcripts to be proof that that.

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An Indictment native the home results in impeachment however after such charge, the impeached, space then tried before the senate and also must be eliminated by a 2/3rd"s vote together in.

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