bill Cosby’s deposition to be unsealed, at least in part, on a controversial decided Cosby gave in 2004.’s Boris Sanchez has more.

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bill Cosby to be sentenced to three to 10 year in state jail for drugging and also sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

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NORRISTOWN, PA - SEPTEMBER 24: Actor and also comedian invoice Cosby return to the courtroom after a break v his spokesman Andrew Wyatt at the Montgomery county Courthouse, during his sexual attack trial sentencing in Norristown, Pennsylvania, U.S. September 24, 2018. (Photo through David Maialetti/Pool/Getty Images)
lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents some accusers of bill Cosby, states “judgment day” has actually come because that Cosby after ~ he was sentenced to three to 10 years in a state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his residence 14 year ago.

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Actor and also comedian bill Cosby (C) comes out of the Courthouse after the verdict in the retrial of his sexual attack case at the Montgomery ar Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania ~ above April 26, 2018. - Disgraced television icon Bill Cosby to be convicted Thursday that sexual assault by a us jury -- shedding a years-long legal battle that was made tougher in ~ retrial together the very first celebrity trial of the #MeToo era. (Photo through Dominick Reuter / AFP) (Photo credit need to read DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images)
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invoice Cosby faces up come 30 year for assault
Kaya Thompson speak out about Bill Cosby v’s Don Lemon.

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US comedian bill Cosby pipeline December 30, 2015 the Court residence in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania after ~ arraignment on charges of aggravated indecent assault. Cosby was arraigned end an event that took location in 2004 -- the first criminal charge filed against the gibbs after dozens of women declared abuse.AFP PHOTO/KENA BETANCUR / AFP / KENA BETANCUR (Photo credit need to read KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)
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Cosby accuser: I'd prefer him to very own up ...
Andrea Constand, the woman whose accusations caused Bill Cosby’s indecent attack conviction, tells NBC’s “Dateline” she had actually to pardon the comedian to leaving her fear and anger behind.

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Accuser: i forgave invoice Cosby to discover peace
Harrison Snyder served on the jury in the bill Cosby trial and is speaking out about why he found the comedian guilty.

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cosby juror
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Juror ~ above what sealed Cosby's fate
A jury has found Bill Cosby guilty ~ above all 3 counts of sex-related assault.

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Matt Rourke/AP/FILE
Bill Cosby departs after a pretrial listening in his sexual attack case at the Montgomery ar Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017. Cosby"s retrial will certainly be delayed together his brand-new legal team it s okay up to speed on the case. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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bill Cosby uncovered guilty the sexual assault
bill Cosby yelled in ~ the state lawyer who called for his bail to be revoked due to the fact that of fear that Cosby might be a trip risk.’s Jean Casarez reports.

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Matt Slocum/AP
Bill Cosby arrives because that his sexual attack trial, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, in ~ the Montgomery county Courthouse in Norristown, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
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Cosby had an emotionally outburst in court
bill Cosby has been judge of all three counts against him in his indecent attack trial.

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cosby verdict emotion
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clock Cosby accusers react to verdict
A look at the job of bill Cosby as his tv success i do not care overshadowed through sexual attack allegations.

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Getty images
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Highs and lows the Cosby's career
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Story highlights

NEW: invoice Cosby"s publicist says, "We have no plan to problem a statement"

"I"m just so relieved that the truth has come out," one of his accusers says

Cosby has not admitted to actually drugging any type of of his sexual attack accusers —

bill Cosby has actually admitted to getting prescription Quaaludes to give to ladies he want to have sex with, freshly released documents show.

The documents, dating back to 2005, stem from a polite lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand – among the dozens of females who have publicly accused the comedian of sex-related assault. The records were make public Monday after The associated Press went to court come compel their release.

Utah has seen a skyrocketing price of prescription pill overdose deaths in the previous decade.

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Doctor: Quaaludes may disconnect girlfriend from fact has actually attempted to with a lawyer and also publicist because that Cosby come respond to the revelations included in the documents, there is no success. His longtime publicist, David Brokaw, said, “We have no plan to worry a statement.”

In a sworn deposition, Cosby answered concerns from Constand’s attorney, Dolores Troiani.

“When you acquired the Quaaludes, to be it in her mind that you to be going to use these Quaaludes for young ladies that you wanted to have actually sex with?” Troiani asked.

“Yes,” Cosby replied.

Victoria Will/Invision/AP/File
In this Nov. 18, 2013 file photo, actor-comedian invoice Cosby poses because that a portrait in brand-new York. A mrs who said Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, the Cosby had actually drugged her and also sexually struck her in 1979, also accused one more famous male of attempted sexual assault: sportscaster Marv Albert, who pleaded guilty to assault and battery the job after her surprise testimony against him.
Who space Cosby's accusers?

“Did you ever before give any type of of those young ladies the Quaaludes without their knowledge?” Troiani asked.

Cosby’s lawyer objected and also told him not to prize the question.

Testy ago and forth

when Cosby admitted that he gained seven prescriptions the Quaaludes through the will to give the sedatives come young ladies he want to have actually sex with, he has actually not admitted to actually drugging any of his accusers.

he did speak he offered drugs come “other people,” but when Troiani began to questioning Cosby if he gave other civilization Quaaludes understanding they to be illegal, Cosby’s lawyer interjected and said that his client acknowledged providing them just to a woman whose name is redacted.

Cosby later on testified the he “misunderstood. Woman, meaning (the woman whose name is redacted), not women” – also though Troiani had used neither word in her question.

“You gave them to various other people?” Troiani had actually previously asked, to which the comedian replied, “Yes.”

while Cosby’s attorneys cite two women that “allegedly say the they knowingly took Quaaludes available to lock by Defendant in the so late 1970’s” – among them being previous model Theresa Serignese, who has shared her accusations publicly – they perform not resolve the numerous women who say they were given pills because that a variety of reasons, consisting of to “cheer up.”

number of women allege Cosby offered cappuccino, soft drinks, alcohol or other beverages as vehicles to drug them, but accusers Constand, Serignese, zenith Dickinson, Tamara Green, Victoria Valentino, Donna Motsinger and also a woman established only together Chelan have actually alleged Cosby gave them capsules or pills – periodically billing them together medication – before assaulting them.


much more than 25 women have publicly accused Cosby that raping or assaulting them over the previous 40 years. The comedian has never to be criminally charged and also has vehemently refuse wrongdoing.

several women who have accused Cosby called castle felt tower by the exit information.

“It’s huge. I’ve functioned so long and also hard come tell mine story and also screamed mine story ~ above deaf ears,” stated Barbara Bowman, who said Cosby assaulted her countless times start in the so late 1980s.

Joan Tarshis, who stated Cosby raped her when she was 19, claimed she “never thought now would happen.”

“First of all, I retained it a secret because i was afraid to talk about it, because of Mr. Cosby’s power. Then, as soon as we came out, and lots of other women started to come out, we were referred to as liars,” she said. “I’m just so relieved that the fact has come out.”

Victoria Valentino, who said she was sexually struck by Cosby, said various other celebrities can see a warning native the revelation.

“I think the message needs to be that fame and also wealth and also power cannot freed you from justice,” she said Tuesday. “You cannot exempt anyone from the law.”

Cosby assistance falls

Singer Jill Scott was among the celebrities who had supported Cosby after ~ the allegations began emerging.

She formerly tweeted, “I’m respecting a guy who has actually done an ext for the picture of Brown human being that almost anyone EVER. From Fat Albert to the Huxtables.”

however she readjusted course after ~ learning about Cosby’s deposition.

“About invoice Cosby. Sadly his very own testimony supplies PROOF of disastrous deeds, which is ALL i have ever before required to think the accusations,” Scott tweeted.

About bill Cosby. Sadly his very own testimony provides PROOF of devastating deeds, which is ALL ns have ever required to think the accusations.

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— ⭐Jill Scott⭐ (
missjillscott) July 6, 2015

She later on added, “I stood by a male I respected and also loved. Ns was wrong. It HURTS!!! once you acquire it every right, holla.”

I stood by a male I respected and also loved. I was wrong. That HURTS!!! as soon as you gain it all right, holla.

— ⭐Jill Scott⭐ (
missjillscott) July 6, 2015

The holy place connection

Constand, whose polite lawsuit spawned the deposition, to be a staffer for the women’s basketball team at Cosby’s alma mater, holy place University, once she saw Cosby’s Pennsylvania residence in 2004.

according to Constand, Cosby offered her medication that made her dizzy. She claimed she later on woke up to find her bra undone and her clothing in disarray.

Cosby eventually settled the legitimate suit, which declared that 13 “Jane Does” had comparable stories of sexual abuse. The fit was settled under confidential terms.

year later, after ~ 17 females publicly accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, Cosby resigned indigenous Temple’s plank of trustees – a post he held for 32 years.

The vegas incident

The documents include Cosby’s recollection that an incident in ras Vegas in the 1970s.

“She meets me backstage. I provide her Quaaludes. We then have sex,” he said.

while the woman’s name was redacted in the deposition transcript, Cosby’s lawyers say in a movement filed the following month, “Defendant testified that he readily available Quaaludes to Theresa Serignese, and that she knowingly took them.”

one attorney that represents three Cosby accusers, consisting of Serignese, called “ Tonight” the “it appears” Cosby to be talking about Serignese, although Joseph Cammarata stopped brief of saying for sure.

Previously, Serignese had actually told ABC’s “20/20” the she was a 19-year-old version visiting las Vegas as soon as Cosby handed her pills in a private dressing room after a performance.

“Take these,” Cosby said her, follow to Serignese.

After spend the pills, she remembered “feeling drugged, and I was sort of leaning forward, and also he to be behind me having sex with me. And I – i remember it since it was no good.”

Serignese did not immediately make publicly accusations in 1976. She described her decision in a November 2014 article she wrote in the brand-new York daily News.

“Cosby to be everywhere. Everyone assumed he was a great family man. I knew the wasn’t. I just couldn’t prove it v anything yet my word,” Serignese wrote. “There was no video camera or DNA evidence. Nobody else had accused the publicly yet.”

as well late come prosecute

Cosby, 77, had dealt with the release of the documents, saying it would violate his and also others’ privacy and be a resource of embarrassment.

among his accusers, Patti Masten, claimed many more women have actually messaged she privately with comparable accusations.

“We’re as much as 48 accusers. There are numerous who have not come forward,” she said.

yet in most of the cases, the state of limitations has passed, staying clear of prosecution.

Nonetheless, Bowman stated the new revelation is “a video game changer.”

“I think we’re walk to it is in heard now. And I think this is just the beginning.”’s Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and also Alisyn Camerota added to this report.