By currently we’ve every heard the news surrounding Rob Kardashian’s very public bashing of his ex Blac Chyna because that cheating on him, alcohol and drug misuse, and also taking benefit of that financially. Rob likewise released explicit image of Chyna on society media prior to his account was shut down. In response, Chyna took to Snapchat to accuse Rob of physically abusing her. The entire instance is sufficient to do anyone’s head spin, yet at the main point of this exceptionally toxic case are some fundamental learnings.

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1. Be cautious what you execute online since it’s permanent.

You may think that what girlfriend share on society or through text is temporary, however that’s not the case. What walk on social media or what you text is permanent and once you relax it, it will never ever be exclusive again. So, next time prior to releasing an individual messages and also photos of your ex on society media, you must think around the reality that you’ll never be able to completely take those things off the internet. Also, share something that your companion intended to it is in kept exclusive is an action of betrayal and also once that trust is broken, it’s difficult to obtain it back.

 2. Belittling someone is linguistic abuse.

If someone is insulting you through the intention of do you feel bad around yourself or to sabotage your reputation, that counts as verbal abuse. And taking to social media to publicly degrade your ex just intensifies this abusive behavior.


 3. Never share personal photos or videos.

Blac Chyna most likely never intended because that her private photos to it is in posted almost everywhere the net nor is she in any way at fault for Rob’s revenge porn. But if you’re under the age of 18, you should never re-superstructure nudes or personal photos/videos with anyone. It’s illegal come send, re-publishing or obtain nude photos of a minor. Also if you room not a minor and also trust the human being they’re being sent to, understand they’ll be deleted or someone assures to never ever share them, this is still no a great idea (nope, not even through Snapchat). In our relationships, we constantly want to be making decision that room as informed, safe, and comfortable as possible.

 4. Explicit photos have the right to be used as blackmail.

Once someone has actually private images or videos of you, it have the right to seem favor they “own you” or can control you by utilizing them together blackmail. This also creates one unhealthy strength imbalance in the connection as this things can be used against you at any type of point. If someone is violating your privacy or threatening to expose you, that’s a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. Plus, revenge porn can acquire you in significant legal trouble.

 5. Social push to it is in in a perfect relationship.

There is incredible pressure to it is in in a perfect relationship, and also social media just accentuates this pressure. Yet never i think that because a connection looks good on social media that everything is perfect (Rob K. And Chyna make a an excellent example). Human being who are in unhealthy or abusive relationships regularly feel awkward to admit what’s yes, really happening for are afraid of judgement or blame. Also, those in the general public spotlight could feel as though lock letting others down by admitting that the relationship is in reality deeply unhealthy.

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So getting real, this publicly dispute between Rob K. And also Chyna is fairly troubling and also we hope the in the future, the couple can solve their feel in a safer and healthier way. While it’s quiet unclear as to which of the allegations have actually merit, revenge porn and physical abuse are really serious and if friend or anyone you understand are suffering unhealthy or abusive behavior, we very encourage you to seek help.