As the Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian society media war proceeds to open in all of its shameful glory, world are starting to wonder if this to be the inescapable conclusion the Chyna"s lengthy con: come piggyback onto the fame of rather in bespeak to make herself a household name. Together she and also Rob sling accusations, PFAs, and also lawsuits, let"s take a watch at that Chyna really is and also how every one of this craziness began.

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Chyna to be born Angela Renée White on might 11, 1988, in Washington, D.C. She to visit Henry E. Lackey High institution in Maryland. A born hustler, White knew indigenous her very first job that she had star quality. Follow to she Elle profile, White"s an initial paycheck come from McDonald"s, where she never had actually to sling burgers or fries. She was instantly put ~ above the cash register, claiming, "I guess the was since of my personality." Her rapid food career brought about Hooter"s, then stripping, i m sorry she did for two years "at regional Maryland spots" to conserve money for college.

Over the years, Chyna has amassed a staggering 13.1 million Instagram followers, and it"s not simply the sexy breaks that helped her acquire there. Okay, that didn"t hurt, yet her Instafans likewise probably love the she shares adorable throwback pics every now and also then, favor the persons featured above. Chyna captioned the photo on the right, "Young Chy ns was a tomboy because that the longest!!!" together the snapshot on the left, she created simply, "Young Chy," follow to the Daily Mail. It sure seems choose the tomboy phase was absolutely over by then, huh? 


At the age of 20, Chyna headed to Miami to to visit Johnson and also Wales University. She took classes during the day, however at night, she performed in ~ the King the Diamonds club, a infamous adult entertainment mecca that is frequented by rappers and athletes. Her first stripper monikers were apparently "Dora Renée" and "Cream" until she "borrowed" the nickname Blac Chyna indigenous a customer for whom she gave a lap dance one night, according to Michel McCrudden.

With her brand-new persona intact, Chyna totally embraced the stripper life and also dropped out of college. Once asked through Elle whether the pivot earlier to the pole disappointed she parents, Chyna said, "My mommy provided to be a stripper, for this reason she to be like, "If this is what you want to do, it is in the ideal at it.""


Chyna"s modeling job took off in September 2010 as soon as she graced the cover of Dimepiece magazine and also was featured in Straight Stuntin" and Black Men magazines. She nabbed the version of the year award at the 2011 Urban version Awards and continued structure notoriety in spreads for Urban Ink, XXL, and also Smooth Girl.


In November 2010, Chyna appeared in the video for Kanye West"s "Monster" together Nicki Minaj"s body double. "It was good Nicki rapping to the bad Nicki, therefore they needed an extra body," she said XXL. "They actually put her head top top my body so it would look prefer she to be rapping to herself. They had actually me tied approximately a chair and also they placed her pink wig top top me."

By November 2011, Chyna to be being sought romantically through rapper Tyga, although she originally denied his advances. She did, however, show up in his "Rack City" music video, for which she was paid $2,500, which might seem favor a sweet gig, except it pales in comparison to her insurance claim to Elle the she when made $15,000 in a solitary night at King that Diamonds. Chyna would continue to do appearances in music videos, choose Minaj"s "Come on a Cone" video clip in October 2012, however make no mistake, that wasn"t about the cash.

According come Sylvia Obell"s BuzzFeed profile of Chyna"s come-up, the savvy stripper and also magazine model has always had her eyes top top a much bigger prize than just being the queen that the pole. Which is why as soon as she started getting mentions in laboratory songs, like Drake"s 2012 track, "Miss Me," in which the says, "Call the King of Diamonds and also tell Chyna it"d be precious the flight," Chyna was more than prepared to leverage the notoriety. And by the moment Nicki Minaj referenced her on "I Luv Dem Strippers," and Kanye West name-dropped she on "High Lights," she was already a family members name.

Obell alleges the this was all part of the plan, writing, "While no one and also everyone to be watching, Chyna was making calculated move to nearby in on she own empire with a precision and also finesse that not also the Kardashians saw coming. This wasn"t a PR breakthrough. It to be a coup."

In 2011 interview with 305Honeys, Chyna addressed a debate over the website civilization Star Hip-Hop posting a video of she dancing in ~ King that Diamonds. According to Chyna, she wouldn"t have agreed to let anyone tape she performances for two reasons. 1.) it is versus the club"s policy for anyone come take pictures of, or record the dancers. 2.) think it or not, Chyna did not desire that image of her the end there in the public. She said, "They basically taped me when I had obtained on stage, which was wrong, since World Star i know well Hop...they had actually reached out to me as soon as before, and also then once, friend know, I obtained a tiny bit poppin", they got to out to mine manager and we both told castle "No, we didn"t want to have actually anything to do with gift a civilization Star i know good Hop honey." That"s no the look that I"m trying to go for, so I simply thought that that was very disrespectful."

The foresight to use her effective stripper career as a launching pad rather than a defining persona would soon pay off, together it didn"t take long for Chyna satisfy her when abandoned effort a greater education.

In 2013, Chyna graduated from JLS skilled Makeup Artist School. Later that year, she launched her 88 Fin clothes line and also her own brand of false eyelashes, LASHED through Blac Chyna. In 2014, she opened her LASHED beauty beauty Bar salon, supplying a range of cosmetics services, in enhancement to assembly lessons.

Chyna and Tyga met at an afterparty for Brown"s F.A.M.E. Tourism in October 2011, Global Grind reports. Chyna stated their partnership officially began when she remained in his "Rack City" video in 2011, after which point the pair were regularly spotted at occasions together. The couple posed together for Urban Ink magazine in march 2012 and also confirmed the they to be expecting a child shortly afterward. They ended up being engaged that August, and also son King Cairo to be born in October 2012.

Blac Chyna and Tyga separation in October 2014 between reports that he cheated top top her through Kylie Jenner, but the pair was rumored to be on-again off-again for quite some time.

In beforehand 2015, Chyna to be briefly rumored to be dating rapper Future. The chatter grew louder when she stepped the end with the word "Future" tattooed on she hand. Unfortunately for her, Future wasn"t virtually as invested. Together the volume on their partnership increased, he tweeted (via the Daily Mail), "Single & focusing on what makes me happy...U kno ns dnt f— wit no rumors <sic>." Chyna has reportedly gotten the tattoo removed—and get an impressive adept in ~ hiding her hand.

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Though no Chyna no one basketball agree P.J. Tucker ever confirmed a relationship, eagle eye on the net realized something to be up as soon as they suitable up Tucker"s tattoos come those of a gentleman ~ above Chyna"s Snapchat. Why was this such a big deal? Because, as Complex reports, Tucker was married. After ~ the rumors erupted, Tucker turned off his Instagram account, and Chyna deleted every one of her write-ups with "him"...but screenshots room forever.

Under her provided name of Angela Renée White, Chyna has actually quite a laboratory sheet. Radar Online reports the she has an ext than 20 driver"s patent suspensions in Maryland, which resulted in an arrest after being pulled over for speeding in 2008. ~ above January 29, 2016, Chyna was arrested because that public intoxication after allegedly being drunk at the airplane in Austin, Texas, and also possessing a regulated substance (USA Today reports it to be ecstasy). A police report indigenous the occurrence states that the model"s "behavior to be unpredictable, going from very angry, cursing at everyone, then to crying."